Restaurants Now Have More Options, Greater Flexibility in Squarespace

Attention restauranteurs: Squarespace just got a whole lot friendlier for your business!

Obviously seeing a lot of interest from the foodie circle, Squarespace has been busy developing custom templates and integrations geared toward this audience. Following the release of its essential website tools for the Food & Drink industry in 2013, Squarespace has been gearing up to become even better suited to hosting restaurant and related sites. Here are two of the most recent updates:

  • The latest ChowNow integration enables restaurants to offer delivery and pickup options directly on their Squarespace sites! Customers no longer need to leave your site—nor your brand identity—to place their orders.
  • Four new templates—Tremont, Hunter, Foster, and Feed—are now available in the Squarespace Food & Drink collection. This Squarespace group of templates is tailor-made to give many relevant and enticing options to restaurant owners!

Need help building a Squarespace website for your restaurant? Check out some of the gorgeous sites we’ve built for the food and drink industry!

Squarespace for Vegan Gelato

The handcrafted, dairy-free gelato from California’s Conscious Creamery is both delicious and sustainable. It’s made with fresh, local fruit and non-GMO, fair trade, organic ingredients when possible. The cups and spoons are fully biodegradable. Even the gelato cases require no electricity or gas generators.

We thought such a lovingly handcrafted product needed an equally lovingly handcrafted Squarespace website. Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists’ Creative Director Josh Neimark took a special interest in the project. A vegan himself, Josh felt strongly about helping Conscious share its story of delectable, animal-friendly treats with the world.

“It’s rare and exciting to get a project in our shop that speaks to my family’s vegan lifestyle,” said Josh. “We were so thrilled to help the Conscious Creamery team get their debut Squarespace website up and help to spread the word about their incredible vegan gelato!”

Executed in the Squarespace Brine template, the new site features a delicious parallax scroll on the home page, peppered with mouthwatering images of the gelato, snippets about the company’s values and ingredients, and testimonials from its fans. An up-to-date Events Calendar makes it easy to locate Conscious Creamery at a farmer’s market or event near you, while a menu of catering options gives interested visitors a chance to book private catering service.

Featuring incredibly beautiful imagery throughout, the new Conscious Creamery website will have anyone with a sweet tooth—vegan or not—wishing they could try some of this delicious and sustainable treat!

How sweet it is,

Fix8 Media 

You Can Now Build a Squarespace Web Page on Your Phone!

Crazy, right?!?

Well, you never know when you’ll get hit by a stroke of genius. Chances are, you won’t be in front of your computer to let the creative juices flow. Squarespace understands this dilemma, which is why it just launched the Squarespace Start app. 

Make that idea concrete by building a one-page Squarespace website on your mobile device! You can even buy a domain name on the app, getting that million-dollar idea locked and loaded.

Download the free Squarespace Start app from the IOS App Store or Google Play for Android. 

Trip over some inspiration for a full-size Squarespace website? Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists would love to help you bring your creative musings to life!

Squarespace for Women’s Health

A renewed sense of energy, health, and well-being are at the core of New Day Wellness Center’s offerings. The Charlotte-based health and wellness center, which primarily caters to the needs of middle-aged women, was looking for a facelift for their current site. Just as the New Day team seeks to help clients achieve their goals of looking and feeling younger and more fit, they wanted to provide the same opportunity for transformation to their own website. And with the help of Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists, New Day achieved dramatic and impressive results.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the new website has an undeniable warmth throughout. Featuring a soft color palette and images that appeal to its target market, the New Day Squarespace website details the center’s offerings for weight loss, hormone replacement, and anti-aging treatments. Carefully placed calls to action encourage visitors to make an appointment, while a Specials page highlights the center’s current discounted offerings. Interested parties complete a Squarespace form to inquire about scheduling a free consultation to find out which skin therapy or anti-aging treatments are right for them.

Wrinkles away,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace Pays Tribute to Filmmaker David Lynch

This is just something you’ve got to experience to appreciate.

Pushing the platform as only it can, Squarespace recently announced a collaboration with artists and musicians that pays homage to filmmaker David Lynch. In cooperation with actor John Malkovich and photographer Sandro, Squarespace has launched

A celebration of the The Music of David Lynch, a tribute album, Malkovich and Sandro created vignettes featuring memorable characters and scenes from David Lynch’s films. Squarespace is making these vignettes, which are set to tracks from the album, available on

Check out the immersive Squarespace experience to see for yourself how incredibly powerful the platform can be. You’ll be sucked in immediately (I mean, really, how can you not be with John Malkovich at center stage?), with the music from artists such as Lykke Li, Sky Ferreira, and Karen O rounding out the mood. 

Once on the site, if you donate to the David Lynch Foundation, you get access to the tracks and videos before they’re released. Or, better yet, you get a pass to come back to the site for a week and watch as new vignettes are unlocked.

The David Lynch Foundation is a nonprofit that helps those suffering from trauma, stress, or loss cope via transcendental meditation techniques. All proceeds from go to the foundation.

Check it out:

Squarespace for Rheumatologists

A physician’s website can offer specific challenges to a web designer. First, there’s the issue of organizing and presenting a lot of information. Often rich with medical terminology, resources, contact details, and forms, a doctor’s website can easily get bogged down in a sea of confusion. Enter Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists.

Led by Dr. Richard Stern, Rheumatology Associates contracted with Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to help them design not only a great looking Squarespace website, but also one that was organized, well-written, and optimized for SEO. Engaging the talents of our content and SEO strategist Tina Snyder, Rheumatology Associates crafted an information-rich yet extremely accessible Squarespace website compliant with HIPAA regulations.

“More and more doctors are finding a resource in our team because of our experience building websites in the medical field,” said Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists Creative Director Joshua Neimark. “We aren’t doctors or lawyers, but we understand the general guidelines and best practices that physicians need to follow when building Squarespace websites—and we help them ensure their websites are as patient-friendly as possible.”

Complete with warm and relatable images, clear calls to action, a thorough patient resource section, and link to a secure Patient Portal, the new Rheumatology Associates website, executed in the Squarespace Bedford template, is the latest example of Fix8 Media’s understanding of and collaboration with medical groups.

Fit as a fiddle,

Fix8 Media

Your team exceeded my expectations. Y’all went WAY above and beyond. I think you took my basic ideas and did a great job of turning them into a website I am very proud of. I cannot say enough great things about everyone!!!! Josh and Molly were like mind readers, translating my vision into reality. Tina is always helpful with great feedback and support. I expected to pay more for such a site. I will recommend you to everyone!
— Dr. Richard Stern, Rheumatology Associates Grapevine

Squarespace for Wedding Photography

For many, planning a wedding is like having a second job. Tracking down vendors for your big day can be quite the feat—especially when it comes to finding the right photographer to capture the spirit and style of your wedding.

Sonya Yruel has been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. Bringing a photojournalistic style to wedding photography, she wanted a Squarespace website that conveyed her passion for capturing authentic moments.

Executed in the Squarespace Forte template, her new website by Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists is purely stunning. The experience starts with a full-page slideshow that offers a taste of Yruel’s keen eye. Deeper exploration takes the visitor into a number of galleries featuring her work, organized by wedding destinations, portraits, and travel photos. The presentation is seamless, featuring a number of Squarespace gallery experiences to keep the visitor engaged and clicking through for more.

These are the moments,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace and Juicer Social Media Integration

Squarespace and Juicer

Setting up a Juicer Social Integration on Squarespace

Squarespace offers a number of social integrations, from Facebook to Houzz and beyond. These integrations offer some excellent features and functionality, such as sharing blog posts and content directly from your Squarespace website to certain social networks. But there’s one super cool integration that you should know about if you’re looking to aggregate all or a portion of your social media posts into one impressive feed on your Squarespace site: Juicer.

If your goal is to promote stronger engagement with your social networks directly on your Squarespace site, you should definitely check out This tool, which integrates seamlessly with the Squarespace platform, enables you to customize a feed of posts from your social networks in a variety of styles. When clicked, posts will pop up with a preview, then open in a new window if the user chooses to click through.

As with Squarespace, Juicer is mobile-responsive out of the box, facilitating a seamless user experience on desktop and mobile. And Juicer offers a nice free trial if you’re interested in checking it out a bit further.

Two of our recent Squarespace builds have incorporated a Juicer feed: pulls in posts from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, while displays a curated Pinterest feed.

Looking for a great social media integration for your Squarespace website? Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists are here to help! Contact us today!

Squarespace for Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

Authors and Squarespace go together like peanut butter and jelly. We’ve worked with our fair share of writers, building Squarespace sites to market and sell their stories.

And the best part about working with writers is learning their stories, then crafting awesome Squarespace sites that enable their passion to shine through. That was exactly the case with author Ken Britz. A Navy man and engineer by trade, Ken has a love for storytelling that started in his youth. For years, he struggled with his creative side, until stumbling upon the impetus to put pen to paper during National Novel Writing Month. The result: A few years later, he has The Pillars of Fire and Light Trilogy to share with the world!

Ken approached Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to build him a Squarespace website on which to market the trilogy, as the first novel in the series neared release. Choosing the Squarespace Rover template, Ken wanted to keep things simple, enabling visitors to learn about him and the books, sign up for his enewsletter, or contact him.  Fix8 delivered, with a clean, elegant site that lets the books take center stage, with the option to build out as reviews come in and the subsequent books in the trilogy become available.

With the foundation in place, author Ken Britz can keep updating his Squarespace site as he continues to add more stories to his repertoire. 

Find some time to stick your nose in a book,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Lasik Eye Surgery

An Indianapolis-based laser eye surgery center is the latest to join our growing list of clients in the medical arena, as doctors continue to turn to Squarespace for their website needs.

PEOPLE — lasik contacted Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists with a request for a streamlined, informative Squarespace website to serve the needs of its growing client base. The Lasik and PRK eye surgery center wanted a clean, easy to navigate Squarespace website that its patients and interested parties could use to find answers to questions and learn more about the practice.

Working in the Squarespace Mercer template, Fix8 crafted a sophisticated, well-organized website for the group. Starting with a compelling home page banner that stares right back at you, the site features an elegant parallax scroll, curated imagery, and content that is rich without feeling overwhelming. Numerous calls to action and a brief but comprehensive intake form enable PEOPLE — lasik to gather leads effortlessly via its new Squarespace website, while helping those on the path to clearer vision.

Looking good,

Fix8 Media

Did You Know That Squarespace Now Supports 13 Currencies?

Squarespace is always seeking to improve the functionality and reach of its platform, making it as user friendly as possible on a global scale.

Ecommerce customers take note: Squarespace now supports 13 currencies! After you hook up your Stripe account to your site, your store automatically updates with the currency associated with your Stripe account, assuming Squarespace supports it. You can follow the steps to select a different currency if your country supports multiple currencies.

Here is a list of the currencies currently supported by Squarespace:

  • USD—US dollar
  • AUD—Australian dollar
  • CAD—Canadian dollar
  • CHF—Swiss franc
  • DKK—Danish krone
  • EUR—Euro
  • GBP—British pound
  • HKD—Hong Kong dollar
  • MXN—Mexican peso
  • NOK—Norwegian krone
  • NZD—New Zealand dollar
  • SEK—Swedish krona
  • SGD—Singapore dollar

Looking to build or upgrade a Squarespace store? Contact Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to see how we can help!

Squarespace for Handmade Guitars

Guitar aficionados, woodworkers, and admirers of all things handmade will certainly appreciate the work of BarZ Guitars. This Alaska-based company was born of one man’s passion for music and long nights away from home.

The company was born in 2011, while owner Zach Beatty was steering oil wells in North Dakota. He began building guitars for himself and his son in his spare time. He’s amassed quite the impressive collection of handmade guitars that he wanted to show the world.

That’s exactly what his new Squarespace website has enabled him to do. Built in the Squarespace Juke template, is the culmination of a 5-year-long labor of love. Traveling from oil rig to oil rig with his tools and guitar pieces in tow, Beatty has crafted instruments from wood sourced mainly in the Pacific Northwest. His new Squarespace site features galleries of guitars completed and in pieces, as well as the materials from which they are made. Squarespace has given him a platform on which to share his story and his unique instruments.

Play us a tune,

Fix8 Media

Introducing Apple Pay for Squarespace Commerce

Apple enthusiasts rejoice: Apply Pay is now available in Squarespace online stores!

Giving shoppers the ability to make instant purchases using the details saved in their Apple Pay accounts, Apple Pay is now an option with Squarespace on mobile devices using iOS 10. It will be available on desktop coinciding with the release of Apple’s macOS Sierra.

Apple Pay is enabled by default for any Squarespace Commerce customer who is currently accepting payments via Stripe and has the “New Checkout” feature enabled. To ensure your site can accept Apple Pay, go to Settings, then Checkout, and make sure the New Checkout Flow option is enabled.

Questions about improving your Squarespace store? Drop us a line today.

Squarespace Adds Seven New Templates for Businesses and Professional Services

On the heels of the release of six new industry-specific templates back in June, Squarespace just announced the addition of seven more shiny new ones designed with a particular business or professional service in mind. Check them out:

Harris: Ideal for law firms or other professional services that need to cram a lot of copy into their site, the new Squarespace Harris template features elegant default fonts and multiple navigation and introduction areas.

Artesia: Catering to the Hospitality, Travel, and Home industries, the new Squarespace Artesia template is an image-driven approach, offering fade-in and slide-up effects. A slick, simple, and clean landing page with clickable banners draws visitors in for more.

Heights: Designed for businesses in the health and fitness space, the new Squarespace Heights template offers a long scrolling home page, customizable online store, and numerous design options.

Keene: Suitable for those in the healthcare or other professional service area, the new Squarespace Keene template is minimalist, offering a bold background image, clean typography, and a nice search bar to make the visitor experience as intuitive as possible.

Motto: Foodies take note: The new Squarespace Motto template is designed specifically to meet the needs of restaurants and food/drink businesses. Showcase your menus in the menu block and take advantage of the special layout feature called the “content inset,” which enables you to vary the margins of your content, giving you a magazine layout feel.

Hatch: Styled with the real estate professional in mind, the new Squarespace Hatch template aims to showcase heavy visual content in a sleek and sophisticated way. Cool features include 3D scrolling effects and dynamic frames around gallery images.

Jasper: Artists and designers will love the new Squarespace Jasper template. A portfolio template with a cool grid-style home page, it offers an immediate peek into your work, with beautiful project pages within that allow you to further tell your story.

Interested in learning more about any of the new Squarespace templates? Drop us a line!

Squarespace for College Admissions

If you or your child are looking to gain acceptance into one of many Texas colleges and universities, you’re likely very familiar with ApplyTexas. Well, we’re thrilled to tell you that you no longer have to go it alone.

From the same educational consultants behind College MatchPoint (CMP) comes a new Squarespace website dedicated solely to helping students and parents successfully navigate the often stressful ApplyTexas process!

After working with founder Lisa Bain Carlton and her talented team on the CMP Squarespace website a few years ago, Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists jumped at the opportunity to build a sister site that echoed the team’s unique approach while honing in on a focused audience. Since the ApplyTexas offering is specific only to those students interested in applying to the Texas schools that participate, targeted Squarespace SEO work was critical to establishing a solid foundation for reaching this niche market.

Executed in the Squarespace Mercer template, the site takes advantage of back end SEO opportunities while maximizing the effectiveness of captivating banners and calls to action. Embedded Wistia videos and Vcita scheduling—both of which integrate seamlessly with the Squarespace platform—make the site ultra functional and accessible. Powerful testimonials and a well-rounded, experienced team make completing the contact form or picking up the phone to call a no-brainer for anyone looking to gain acceptance into these Texas colleges and universities.

Sign us up,

Fix8 Media

Win a Squarespace Website

Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists are kicking off our second annual website giveaway contest, where one deserving individual or organization will win a free Squarespace website build!

We’ve been handcrafting websites for global clients over the past nine years, and we’ve worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to artists to service providers to nonprofits. But there are so many people out there whom we wish we could help. Maybe they just can’t afford to design and develop a Squarespace website, or they have such a compelling story, it just has to be told. Well, now’s their chance.

Through this giveaway, the Fix8 Media team will be pooling our creative resources and donating our time to one deserving person/organization that needs our help. The winner receives a Squarespace Starter Package on the house!

Last year’s giveaway went to the very deserving Debbie’s Treasure Chest (DTC) in Lawrence, Massachusetts, a nonprofit public charity that helps at-risk children through cash and in-kind donations. Following the redesign, the DTC team received its first ever grant!

“We are convinced that our new website is one of the reasons that we were the recipients of a $100,000.00 grant—our very first grant—from the Cummings Foundations of Massachusetts,” said Linda Harvey, DTC chairperson. “We are forever grateful to Fix8 Media for helping us achieve our goals of helping children and families at risk.” Click here to learn more about Debbie’s Treasure Chest. 

To be considered for this year’s amazing opportunity, apply here by November 10 and tell us why you should win. We’ll carefully review all applications and announce the winner on Thanksgiving Day, November 24!

Squarespace for Social Home Loans and Refinancing

Whether you are buying your first home or looking to refinance, locating a trustworthy and knowledgeable mortgage broker can be a challenging feat. Mortgage expert Brett Bowen of First Source Financial in San Clemente, California, wanted to make it easy for potential clients to find him and his mortgage services. So he turned to Fix8 Media and Squarespace to do just that.

Opting for Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists’ Full Monty package, which includes both logo design and content editing/SEO services, Brett took his online presence to the next level with an expertly executed brand identity packaged in an easy to navigate, relevant Squarespace website.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the First Source Financial site features a soft color palette and imagery with a true California vibe. The site is modern, calm, and welcoming—atypical of most sites in the financial sector. More a reflection of Bowen’s down to earth personality and one-on-one communication style with his clients, the new Squarespace website for those seeking home loans or refinances aims to educate potential and existing clients about their options while encouraging them to reach out and ask any questions that arise.

Making you feel right at home,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Mortgages

As mortgage industry professionals, the team at Altavera Mortgage Insurance approached Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists with a request to redesign their website. One of the biggest issues brought to our attention was that the old site was too text-heavy and busy, leaving the viewer lost in a sea of words and unable to immediately hone in on the company’s core focus.

That was all remedied with the professional, streamlined new Squarespace website our team delivered. The product of an excellent collaboration between Fix8 and the Altavera team, the new Squarespace website guides the visitor in with the clear promise that their success is of utmost importance to the Altavera team. Executed in the Squarespace Bedford template, the site opens with a slideshow featuring clear and directive calls to action. Scroll down to find three simple links guiding those interested in Processing & Underwriting, Closed Loan Review, or job opportunities to learn more.

A clean navigation with a number of drop downs, coupled with sidebar navigation on the internal site pages, makes it easy for the visitor to peruse the site to learn more about Altavera’s team and its mortgage services. “Get in Touch” and “Subscribe” buttons anchor each page, encouraging the visitor to make direct contact with the mortgage professionals or sign up for their enewsletter.

Interested in a job with Altavera? The site features a JotForm integration that enables potential candidates to submit applications and resumes directly via the Squarespace website.

Lending a hand,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Career Counseling

When your mission is to inspire others, your website must take that to heart.

The brainchild of two professionals in the fields of educational consulting and psychotherapy, E&L Counseling and Consulting in New York City aims to inspire clients to be successful in their lives and careers. The duo of Elena Estrin and Leslie Faerstein needed a Squarespace website to present their services, engaging potential clients to start a journey of self-discovery with them.

Executed in the Mercer template, E&L’s new Squarespace website balances the group’s offerings of individual career counseling, therapy, and educational consulting in an elegant manner. Information-rich yet not overly text heavy, the new Squarespace website clearly presents the group’s services, offering numerous calls to action for interested parties to engage with the founders. Backed by a calming, soft color palette, the banner images echo E&L’s myriad disciplines without overwhelming.

The inclusion of a Squarespace blog enables the group to share their vast knowledge in the counseling and consulting sectors while building up SEO—one engaging post at a time.  

To your success,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace Success Stories - Rebecca Rose

When you’re a purveyor of creative services, a run of the mill website is simply out of the question. Your online presence must echo your aesthetic. That’s not to say you’ve got to be over the top—but carefully chosen fonts, a thoughtfully composed color palette, and on-point imagery are critical.

That was the case with Rebecca Rose Creative, which offers styling, print production, and event, floral, and graphic design. When Becca Atchison, Betsy Krug, and their team approached Fix8 Media to redesign their creative services site in 2014, we had our work cut out for us. Not only did the site need to mirror the brand, but also be a highly functional tool for their business.

“We knew that we needed a site that was clean and simple, yet visually powerful,” says Becca. “We needed a site that could support e-commerce in a user-friendly way so that it would be easy for us to update/change ourselves.”

Squarespace proved the ideal solution to the firm’s e-commerce needs, boasting in-depth metrics and analysis, a number of product display options, and intuitive tools for adding or changing products in minutes.

“Squarespace's tools are easy to use and help us organize, track inventory, and update materials seamlessly,” she says. “We’re very happy with the site!”

So happy, in fact, that just months after the launch of Rebecca Rose Creative, the team returned to Fix8 with a request to redesign their other Wordpress site for Rebecca Rose Events. The big sister to Rebecca Rose Creative, Rebecca Rose Events is a full-service event planning and design firm that produces weddings and social events. “We wanted to streamline our systems and felt that it made sense to be using Squarespace for both sites,” says Becca. “We felt that Squarespace was a bit easier to use than Wordpress, and were excited to make the switch for our Rebecca Rose Events site.” 

That ease of use has proven critical to both sites. From adding new products on the creative site to uploading image galleries on the events site, the Squarespace tools make it simple for the firm to keep their offerings current. Not to mention the ability to frequently update their blogs, which has proven extremely beneficial to extending the reach of the brand.

“Squarespace makes blogging so easy,” says Becca. “It's easy to format and schedule posts, and we've seen a dramatic increase in traffic to our site because of our daily blogging efforts.”

And those who land on the sites tend to stick around for a while. It’s hard not to get lost in all those gorgeous images. “We receive many compliments about the organization of our site, as well as the emphasis on beautiful photography,” says Becca. “We're thrilled with both of our sites and feel that our business has benefited tremendously from an enhanced online presence!” 

To learn more about Rebecca Rose Creative and Rebecca Rose Events, visit and