The Fix8 Express Website Design Process

Having worked with hundreds of professionals in a variety of industries for the past 20 years, Fix8 Media website designers and developers understand your need for a modern, highly functional website that best represents you and your service offerings. You’re busy—so let us take the guesswork out of the process. Here’s the skinny:

Step 1. Complete Our Simple Forms. You’re not totally off the hook here: I mean, you do need to tell us what you want on your website. But we’ve made the process super fast and easy for you. You will complete two simple forms, providing any necessary credentials, your logo or wordmark (if you have one), content, and any pre-selected imagery you’d like to see on your website. No pictures? No problem! Our team has access to a library of thousands of relevant and royalty-free images for your website.

Step 2. Choose a Template. After reviewing your forms, our team of web design experts provides three custom templates that we feel would best suit your brand, and you select the one that best resonates. Our experienced design team has worked tirelessly to craft a selection of templates that speak to a variety of professionals and businesses. Having built over 700 websites over the past decade, we know what works and what doesn’t. We build the most effective websites to target, market, engage, and deliver to your potential and current customers.

Step 3. Go Back to Work and Leave the Rest to Us! Now it’s our turn to step in and craft the website of your dreams. Following your form submission and template selection, our team customizes your template of choice, building a website for your business. In a week’s time, we deliver a detailed video presentation of your new website, with instructions on how to click around the prototype to provide our team with feedback and any changes you’d like to have made. After you submit your changes, we effect them and schedule a 30-minute pre-launch Sign Off meeting. During this screen-share session, we’ll review your site page by page, make any final updates, and get your seal of approval to prepare for launch.

Step 4. Your New Mobile-Responsive, Fully Optimized Website is Live! Following our rigorous QA and testing process, the Fix8 Media team launches your new website. Cheers and applause abound as another professional, robust, highly effective website leaves the Fix8 Media offices—and gets to work for your business!