Squarespace Workshops

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers are busy planning our next online workshop! Stay tuned for details about the Squarespace tips and strategies veteran Squarespace designer Josh Neimark has to share with you! Having built over 700 Squarespace websites, Josh is a renowned teacher and trainer who enjoys sharing his knowledge of the Squarespace platform.

Fantastic webinar! Josh’s pace and teaching style is perfect, he answered all my questions and gave me so much great info about customizing site designs.
— Kimberly Guerre
Fix8 Media rank among the best Squarespace website developers in the industry.
— Dallas Blaney, PhD challengeamerica.com
I ask a lot of Squarespace questions—and working with Josh is the only way for me to get them answered.
— Larry Grob larrygrobartist.com