Looking for Insights from an Experienced Squarespace Website Designer?

Fix8 Media Founder, Josh Neimark, Is One of the Top Squarespace Design Experts in the United States—Having Built Over 700 Squarespace Websites

Back in 2007, when Squarespace was literally a one-man band, Fix8 Media founder Josh Neimark fell in love with the platform—and he’s never looked back.

Josh Neimark is one of the premier Squarespace website designers in the United States, with over a decade of experience building websites in the platform. (Read about his journey here.) A seasoned digital agency professional, Josh launched Fix8 Media in 2007 and three years later decided to focus the business on the Squarespace platform.

“I wanted to build an agency that could be as proficient, fast, and knowledgeable as possible in this amazing tool—as well as offer additional branding, content development, and SEO services to provide a full-service experience,” he says.

The result is a Squarespace-centric boutique web design agency that to date has built over 700 Squarespace websites. Based in Longmont, Colorado, Fix8 Media services clients worldwide, offering everything from one-on-one screen-share Squarespace working and training sessions to full-service concept-to-completion website design and development—including branding, logo design, marketing, business strategy, website design and development, and more.

Josh’s knowledge of the Squarespace platform and CMS is second to none. If you are working on a story or project and need input from a professional, experienced Squarespace website designer and developer, connect with Fix8 Media.

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