How to Use the Squarespace Audio Block

Feeling like your Squarespace site could benefit from some tunes? Got a message you’d rather convey through voice than text? No problem! The Squarespace Audio Block is your ticket to bringing sound alive on your site. This is the go-to tool if you need to add a single audio file in a player to either one of your Squarespace website pages or blog posts. You can very easily upload the file from your computer, as well as link to an externally hosted file.

If you wish to add more than one audio file or want to do something extra special with music or voice, no worries! We can generally offer a customized solution for your special circumstance.

Here’s how it works:

Begin by adding the Audio Block to your content area. Once you have added an Audio Block, you can explore and tweak the various available settings within that block.

When you have the Audio Block styled appropriately, you can reposition and resize it based on your preferences.

Classic Style

This is the Classic Style option for displaying your Squarespace Audio Block. You can add your author/artist as well as track title, and even allow users to download the track if you choose.

Minimal Style

This is the Minimal Style setting within the Squarespace Audio Block, which allows for the same functionality as the Classic Style while picking up a different shape and dark or light display option. In the example below, we are showing the light version.

Here are the various settings associated with the Squarespace Audio Block. There are three tabs at the top of the audio block - Embed, Podcasting, and Design.


In the Embed tab, you can add the title of the track as well as the artist. It is also where you will either upload your file or link to an external source. 


Squarespace provides support for iTunes podcasting attributes.


In the Design tab, choose your player style and decide if you'd like to make the track available by download.