How to Use the Squarespace Bandsintown Block

If you are a musician, band, music blogger, or music promoter who has a Squarespace website and you aren’t using the Bandsintown Block, you are missing out! This super cool feature enables you to display tour dates from Bandsintown. Anyone who comes to your Squarespace site can then RSVP to gigs and purchase tickets through the links in this block.

Although this is an excellent tool for sharing show dates, if you use a different software that you prefer, integration is possible. We can generally offer a customized solution for your special circumstance.

Here’s how it works:

Begin by adding the Bandsintown Block to your content area. Once you have added the block, you can explore and tweak the various available settings within it.

When you have the Bandsintown Block styled appropriately, you can reposition and resize it based on your preferences.

Once you have placed the Bandsintown Block, enter the artist's name as it appears on the Bandsintown platform, and choose the timeframe for which you would like to display your show schedule—either upcoming or a date range. 

Example Bandsintown Block

This example Bandsintown Block shows upcoming dates for the Fleetwood Mac tour. It features a link to RSVP to each show on the Bandsintown site, as well as a link via Facebook login to purchase tickets.