Squarespace Blogging Service

Ideal For

Individuals and businesses of all sizes who, despite their best efforts, have difficulty finding the time to maintain a consistent, engaging, keyword-rich blog—but are hip to the serious value of this process.

What You Get

Collaboration with our team on blog topics and scheduling
Custom, seamlessly crafted copy with a unique voice tailored to your target audience
Bi-weekly, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly blog posts, depending on your specific goals
Managed and scheduled content via our online project management system
Photo sourcing, if desired
Posting, if desired
Connectivity to your social media outlets for cross-posting, if desired

How It Works

Our team will work closely with you to develop a blogging program tailored to your needs and target audience. We specialize in exceptional, engaging, keyword-rich content that is proven to do wonders for SEO when kept consistent.

If you’re always planning to update your blog but just don’t have the time to post, we can help!

Expert copywriter Tina Snyder was invaluable to me, writing copy for my site that spoke directly to my target markets in their language.
— Joe Martinez, Phlox Capital Management
I worked with Tina on content development and SEO strategy. She was incredibly professional and right-on-point when it came to targeting certain demographics and crafting engaging, readable text. She was fun to work with and was so responsive that content development went twice as fast as I had expected.
— Dr. James Turnbull, The Foot Medics


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