Questions about designing a Squarespace website? Here are some answers:

1. What is Fix8 Media?
A highly focused website design and development company specializing in Squarespace. We also offer related interactive marketing services.

2. Where is Fix8 located
We are headquartered in Boulder, Colorado.

3. What does Fix8 do?
We utilize a variety of web-based technologies to solve business problems.

4. Who Are Fix8's clients?
Small - mid size businesses in a variety of industries.

5. How long have we been doing this?
A long time...we have actively developed interactive solutions for over 18 years.

6. Will we travel for projects?
Possibly, it depends on the scope of the project and if travel is warranted.  We are very environmentally conscious, and try to keep our clients cost and "footprint" to a minimum. Experience has shown that projects can be handled adequately with email, phone and Skype.

7. How much will a new site by Fix8 cost?
All projects are unique, and so is the cost...however, we believe in maximizing your investment, so rest assured you will receive an honest proposal with a variety of options.  The more complex the project is, the more it is likely to cost.  Elements such as e-commerce, multimedia, mobile optimization and complex site structure  can add to the overall project scope.  

8. How long does a website development take?
A lot of that depends on the client and the size of the site we are developing.  However, typical projects can range between 4-12 weeks from project kick-off through site launch.  Rush services are also available...yep, you guessed it, rush jobs will likely cost more.

9. How do we begin?
The easiest way is to click here and tell us a little bit about your project.  Or you can always call us at (720) 336-1374.

10. Are photos included with website projects? 
No, photos and imagery are not included.  

11. What if I need photos or video for my new site?
We offer commercial photography and video services through our partners.  Additionally, we can assist you with licensing stock images from reputable sources.

12. Who provides the content and "puts it into" our new site?
Typically, clients provide the content based upon an approved site architecture. If you don’t have content or need help developing or editing it, Tina can help.

13. Can you get me the number one spot in search engine results for my new website?
No, but we can help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

14. What type of payment does Fix8 accept?
Cash, check or major credit card.

15. Does Fix8 host websites?
In some cases yes and in some no.  It all depends on the scope of the project and needs of our clients.

16.  What's the next step?
Click here to share some information about your project with us.