Josh (Creative Director)


The brains behind the whole operation, Josh came up with the idea of creating a Squarespace-centric agency in 2010 and has never looked back. He has a passion for turning client visions into reality, and believes that Squarespace is the perfect medium in which to do so. He prides himself on gathering client goals and objectives first and foremost, and uses the most cutting-edge technology to do so. Previously, he worked in sales for an Emmy award winning production agency out of Indianapolis, and is a proud Vegan dad to Jack (13), Lucy (9), and two pups Stella and Hudson.

His first concert was Sha Na Na, but he prefers to mention his second - Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. He loves broccoli because of how they’re shaped like little trees, and believe it or not, he failed typing in high school!

Sarah (Interaction Designer)


Sarah comes to Fix8 from Northwest England, bringing with her an impressive Honors BA in Fine Art from the University of Plymouth. Following her time at university, she went on to study web design and development – where she further became fascinated with the digital space. In addition to being a rock star developer, Sarah honed her design chops as an interaction designer in Austria. While there, she worked for an international camera company, where she indulged in her passion for film photography each and every day. When she’s not banging away at the computer or snapping photos, you’ll likely find Sarah out running in the countryside.

Her first concert was actually not until her mid-20’s and was Gogol Bordello - well worth the wait! Her favorite vegetable is the courgette - or as we call them on our side of the pond, zucchini. Bonus fact: Sarah can also count to 100 in Cantonese!

Paul (Design Guru)


Native to Northeast Florida, Paul comes to us with a wide range of talents in the visual arts and an extensive background in the field of graphic design and marketing. He brings with him a degree from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a laundry list of awards from the music industry, where he worked as the Creative Manager for the largest wholesaler of music and movies in the US. When not staring at the computer you will find Paul digging in the dirt and tending to his plants, deep within his passion of self-sustainability, native planting and environmentalism, or digging through a dusty antique store hoping to score an interesting oddity.

His first concert was Stone Temple Pilots, his favorite veg is asparagus, and he has never seen snow (with very little desire to indulge in it either)!  See some of Paul's work.

Susie (Director of Client Happiness)


Susie is part of what we like to call the command center. She manages scheduling, billing invoices, and overall new client communication. Without her, we would be scattered all over the place. She keeps us functioning as a living, breathing agency, and for that, we are eternally grateful. She’s also a proud Vegan, and mom to Jack (13), Lucy (9), and two pups Stella and Hudson.

Her first Concert was the Monkees in 8th Grade, her favorite veggie is eggplant because it’s just so yummy and versatile, and she was once on The Price is Right!

Tina (Content/SEO Strategist & Project Manager)

Tina came to Fix8 as a client and is now a member of the team. She has a knack for turning others’ stories and passions into compelling copy—and sharing it with the world. Bringing her extensive writing and editing background to our talent mix, Tina is a creative thinker who crafts impactful marketing and PR outreach strategies. Her experience spans a wide range of disciplines, including jewelry design, fashion trends, manufacturing processes, and high-tech. When she’s not creating stellar content, Tina is busy running her own jewelry business and caring for her two daughters, Ruby (8) and Violet (4).

Her first concert—she hates to admit—was Tiffany [I think we’re alone now…], her favorite vegetable is the ever-versatile spinach, and she’s driven across the country twice, most notably in an RV moving her family and two cats from Oregon to Massachusetts.  Learn more about what Tina can do for your Squarespace website.

Devon Deason (Designer)

Devon made his way to Denver after growing up in Dallas, Texas, though he doesn’t consider himself very Texan. After studying statistics and art history at the University of Denver, Devon changed gears and spent the next 9 years working as a chef and kitchen manager in various food service establishments. In 2015, he began teaching himself the languages of the web—HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—and has turned his self-education into full-time employment at Fix8 Media. When he's not creating killer websites, you can usually find him at a rink playing ice hockey or seated on a piano bench tickling the ivories.

Devon is proud to admit his first concert was Lollopalooza in 1995 with Beck, Cypress Hill, Hole, Sonic Youth, and Elastica. His favorite vegetable would have to be purple carrots (unless you count cheese as a vegetable).