How to Use the Squarespace Donation Block

If you are a nonprofit organization looking to accept donations on your website, the Squarespace Donation Block is perfect for you. Visitors to your site can easily donate to your cause when you utilize the Squarespace Commerce tools. Donations are accepted on your website and deposited directly into your back account. Of course, Squarespace Donation Block works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as desktop environments. 

The Squarespace Donation Block is also a great addition to event-based websites, such as fundraisers or weddings, where the ability to accept cash gifts is required.

In the event that the standard donation options within Squarespace don’t suit your needs, we can generally offer a customized solution for your special circumstance. 

Here’s how it works:

Select the Donation Block from the Squarespace Block options under the Commerce section. Add the Donation Block to the desired content area of your website. 

Example Donate Block/Button


Within the configuration tab for the Donate Block there are three options: description, amounts, and additional choices.

Description Options

Here you can create a title for the donation, as well as a brief description that will appear on the donate page, giving context to donors. 

Amounts Options

Choose from the suggested contribution amounts or configure your own. You can also label or name each donation level. 

Additional Options

Within the Donate Block you have the unique ability to obtain additional information from the user making the donation. Similar to the Squarespace Form Block, you can add a variety of fields, such as text, email, phone number, and more.