How to Use the Squarespace Menu Block

Ever visit a restaurant’s website and have trouble downloading the PDF? Nine times out of 10 you move right along to the next hot spot on your list. Now if you’re a restaurant owner, the last thing you want is people getting frustrated trying to view the menu on your site. Enter the Squarespace Menu Block!

Better for SEO than a PDF, the Squarespace Menu Block automatically scans your text for formatting patterns and creates sections based on that formatting. And, like all the Squarespace Blocks, the Menu Block is completely mobile-responsive. 

If you want to further customize your menu, we can generally offer a solution that will meet your needs.

Here’s how it works:

From the Squarespace Block options under the More section, choose the Menu Block (cleverly indicated by a fork and knife). Place the Menu Block in the desired content area of your site.

Example Menu Block

Below is an example Menu Block. Go ahead, click on drinks to see the display capabilities.

Within the Menu Block there are three different tabs to choose from when configuring: menu, design, and formatting.

Menu Options

Here you will create the various sections or categories of your menu. 

Design Options

Here you will choose from a simple centered menu, as in the example above, or a classic multi-column option. In addition, you can choose from four currency symbols, or elect not to display a currency at all. 

Formatting Help

This is simply a guide to the various formatting options contained within Menu Block.