How to Use the Squarespace Quote Block

Add a little oomph to quotes and enhance customer testimonials with the Squarespace Quote Block. Most Squarespace templates have a default style for the Quote Block that you can quickly and easily modify in the Style Editor.

If you would like to rotate quotes or present them in another format that you don’t see in the Style Editor, we can likely custom code this to your liking.

Here’s how it works:

Begin by selecting the Quote Block from the Basic Content Block options to the right. You can add a Quote Block to any content area on your Squarespace site.

Simply fill in the quote, testimonial, or other important text that you want to highlight.

Below is an example Quote Block. Please note that the font styling can be adjusted in the Style Settings area of your Squarespace Tools. 

Josh, Susie and Sarah were dream collaborators. Sarah’s initial designs were so incredibly lovely, and her initial ‘collage design on a map’ inspired the look of the banners created for the site.

The training was excellent, and even after the site went live, Josh has been very supportive in answering the odd question here and there.

I receive so many compliments on the site and I’m very happy with its style and function. Thank you, Fix8 Team!
— Susanne Lord