How to Use the Squarespace Search Block

If you’ve always wanted a searchable site but felt this functionality was too complex, fret not! Squarespace has an awesome tool in the Squarespace Search Block. It adds a search field to your site that enables your visitors to search site-wide, or limits the results to one blog or event collection.

More in-depth search and categorization of topics is possible with custom coding. Ask us if you need anything beyond what the Squarespace Search Block offers. We’d be happy to help!


Here’s how it works:

Choose the Search Block from the available options under Filters & Lists, and place it in the content area of your website. 


Example Search Block

Below is an example Search Block. Try it out for yourself.

Within the Search Block there are two tabs to choose from when configuring: Content Options and Display Options.

Content Options

In the Content Options tab, you can elect to search your entire Squarespace site, or you can search specific collections, such as blog posts or events.


Display Options

In the Display Options tab, you can select to have a light or dark display, and decide if you'd like to enable a quick preview/dropdown of results.