How to use the Squarespace Social Link Block

The Squarespace Social Link Block allows you to easily associate your personal or business social network accounts with your Squarespace website. After connecting your social networks in the Settings section of Squarespace, you can use the Social Link Block to display icons linking to your social networks of choice in any content area of your site. As always, in the event that these standard social link options don’t suit your needs, we can generally offer a customized solution for your special circumstance.

How it Works

Begin by adding a Social Link Block to your content are.

Then choose the overall style for your social icons from the four options: Regular, Circle, Square, and Rounded. Within these four options you have additional styling choices, such as borders, knockouts, colors, alignment, and size. Squarespace offers a great deal of flexibility to ensure that your social icons complement the overall look and feel of your site.



Here are some of the various social icon styles to choose from:

Regular Style

Circle Style

Square Style

Rounded Style