How to Use the Squarespace Twitter Block

Actively participating on social media is an excellent and affordable way to expand the reach of your business. But did you know that you can very easily integrate some of your social media involvement with your Squarespace site?

With the Twitter Block, you can display between one and 20 recent tweets along with a “follow” button that links to your profile on Twitter. This is a super easy way to embed your tweets or tweets from others on your Squarespace site.

If you require customization of any social media integrations on your Squarespace website, check with us. We can explore your options and find one suitable for your needs.


Here’s how it works:

Begin by choosing the Squarespace Twitter Block from the Social Blocks choices. Next, add the block as you would any other to your content area of choice. 

Begin by configuring the Twitter Block settings by first selecting the connected account. You will then be able to choose how many tweets to display and whether or not to show your avatar, username, and follow button. Apply all of your choices to customize the Twitter Block.

Note: To use the Twitter Block, you must first connect your Twitter account in the "Connected Accounts" area of the settings.

Example Twitter Block

Below is an example of the Twitter block with Fix8 Media's own feed.  The settings chosen in the below example are to display 3 tweets, to display our avatar, and to use a follow button.