Why Squarespace Is a Great Choice for Realtor Websites

For more and more realtors, establishing a personal website to market their services and cement their brand is becoming increasingly important. While often part of an agency or firm, many realtors enjoy the flexibility and opportunity afforded by establishing a website of their own.

With Squarespace, realtors have an incredible advantage in the robust, user-friendly toolset the platform offers. Incredibly visual and image-driven, the Squarespace templates offer real estate agents an out-of-the-box solution that instinctively meets the needs of their clientele: home seekers and sellers who require a heavily visual experience on their real estate journey. So many templates in Squarespace offer this solution inherently, it’s tough to go wrong!

Beyond aesthetics, Squarespace offers realtors who are busy running from listing to listing to show their homes or analyze potential sale properties a very manageable website. They can easily login and update a featured property in a matter of minutes. And each template is customizable to the real estate agent’s needs and brand—from integrations with a variety of softwares such as MLS/IDX systems to custom intake forms with fields dictated by the agent. Potential clients can engage with realtors directly via their sites, perusing listings without ever leaving the brand.

Social media integrations further enable realtors to extend their marketing efforts beyond the website, connecting their efforts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond with their websites. Whether you are a realtor catering to first-time home buyers or multi-million-dollar property management firms, Squarespace has a solution that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Squarespace for Doctors

squarespace for doctors

When building a website for their practice, doctors face a number of unique challenges in getting their message across. That’s why South Texas Surgeons approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers. Taking advantage of our expertise in building Squarespace websites for doctors, as well as our specialty in SEO for Squarespace, the surgeons put their trust in our team to craft a website that serves their core needs while appealing to a specific target audience.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the new South Texas Surgeons website features an engaging home page with numerous calls to action for those interested in learning more about the practice’s weight loss surgery options. Helpful icons float into place via a cool Squarespace customization, with frequently asked questions that lead potential patients to pages where many of their queries are answered. Anchored by real life success stories of South Texas Surgeons’ patients who have undergone weight loss surgery and experienced life improvements, the home page experience is an example of just how intuitive, flexible, and engaging the Squarespace platform is.

Concentrating on SEO, the new Squarespace site is broken down by the various weight loss surgery options available, with pages detailing each. A customized before and after gallery further encourages interaction with the website, prompting visitors to slide the images from left to right to view the startling transformations. Also, a unique Get Started experience gives the visitor a visual tour through the bariatric surgery process at STX, featuring custom graphics in a timeline-type experiential format.

Rounded out by a helpful Patient Center that includes downloadable forms, FAQs, financial information, and support group details, the site incorporates a blog for maintaining ongoing SEO efforts in the Squarespace platform.

Stay happy and healthy,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Dermatology Doctors

squarespace doctor website example

For those in search of dermatology care in the Washington, DC, area, Integrated Dermatology offers two office locations for patients’ convenience. The dermatologists’ new Squarespace website serves both locations, providing patients with a thorough and well organized presentation of services and products.

Executed in the Squarespace Mercer template, the new IDKS website breaks down the practice’s services by medical and cosmetic, detailing each offering on its own page. A Fix8 Media Full Monty service level Squarespace package, the website features a new logo designed by our in-house graphic designer, as well as keyword-rich content and SEO for Squarespace websites. Our team of Squarespace designers and developers crafted a robust new website, rich with depth and substance, and inline with the firm’s brand.

One question many doctors looking to build SS websites have centers around HIPPA-compliant forms. The IDKS site integrates a third-party form through PractisForms.com on its contact page, ensuring HIPPA compliance.

Putting our best face forward,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Wedding Venues

squarespace for wedding venues

Winston-Salem, North Carolina, just gained a gorgeous new wedding and special events venue—with an equally stunning Squarespace website!

Located in the heart of historic Reynolda Village, The Barn at Reynolda Village is the perfect setting for special events, weddings, and corporate outings. The new Squarespace website by Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers provides a rich visual tour of the location—from the venue’s history to floor plans to a beautiful gallery of images. The color palette, font selection, and layout of the new Squarespace site set the tone for your experience at the venue itself.

Offering click through options to view the flawlessly executed PDF packages offered for a variety of event options, the website is information-heavy without ever losing its elegance.

Rounded out by an SEO-friendly blog, the new Barn at Reynolda Village Squarespace website captures the spirit of the venue while offering visitors a majestic tour through the possibilities for their next memorable event.

Making memories,

Fix8 Media 

Squarespace for Financial Advisors

squarespace for financial advisors

When it comes to locating a trusted financial advisor, you really need to do your homework. One of our newest clients, Formation Wealth Management, implements individualized wealth management strategies for families and individuals, with a special focus on military veterans. This made for a fun twist on the traditional financial website—and Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers enjoyed crafting the aesthetic.

Company founder Max Neumayer has over 20 years of military service and over 17 years of financial experience, which makes for a cool differentiator. Max wanted to get his unique understanding of those with military backgrounds across very clearly on his new Squarespace website, while at the same time bringing to the forefront his qualifications, experience, and personal approach to working with clients.

Built in the Mercer template, Formation’s new Squarespace site opens with a powerful image of two planes and the company’s tagline: Your Family’s Wingman. The connection between Max’s past and present experience is made immediately, and his customer service and relationship-building model is conveyed as you work your way down the page.

Taking advantage of Fix8 Media’s Squarespace Full Monty package, Max received a total brand experience—from a new logo by our graphic designer to compelling content perfected by our editor to a solid SEO foundation crafted by our Squarespace SEO specialist. The new Formation website is a cohesive presentation of Max’s services, background, and experience—and a compelling pitch to anyone, particularly those who have served in the military, seeking a financial advisor.

The sky’s the limit,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for the American Legion

squarespace for nonprofit website

The American Legion is the nation’s largest wartime veterans organization devoted to serving vets, youth, and the community. We were honored to be approached by the Hollywood Post of the Legion to redesign its website in Squarespace, enhancing the functionality for interested parties and its valued members.

Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers listened to the needs of the Hollywood Post 43 team and upgraded its website by leaps and bounds. Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the new Post 43 site features a parallax home page that very clearly conveys what is unique to this arm of the Legion.

A Hollywood institution founded in 1919 by WW1 veterans working in the motion picture industry, Post 43 members have included such well known names as Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney, Johnny Grant, Ronald Reagan, and more! The Post’s historic Memorial Clubhouse and the Hollywood Legion Theater are amazing venues that the group wanted to bring more attention to as potential locations for special events, filming locations, and more.

Working closely with the team, Fix8 Squarespace designers executed a robust online presence, complete with compelling calls to action, donation functionality for this nonprofit, an events calendar, special pages highlighting the venues, and a blog. An integration with Post 43’s membership software, Membershipworks.com, is custom styled it to fit the aesthetics of the new Squarespace site.

Current members and potential members alike will find the site well organized, easy to navigate, and visually attractive—ultimately resulting in a better communication tool for this impressive nonprofit!

At your service,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Wellbeing

squarespace wellness website example

The idea of transforming oneself mind, body, and spirit is the impetus behind BWell. When owner Bridget Bergens approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers with her vision for her business’s online presence, we couldn’t wait to design her the Squarespace wellness website of her dreams. Opting for Fix8’s Full Monty package, Bridget truly benefited from the cohesiveness of our “whole enchilada” approach. From her vibrant new logo by our in-house graphic designer to honed and compelling copy edited by our content and Squarespace SEO strategist to a beautiful and highly functional new Squarespace website that brings together all components of her brand—BWell’s message sings loud and clear as an inspiring destination for a better you.

A motivational resource for a healthier living and eating, BWell’s new Squarespace site is executed in the Squarespace Mercer template. Taking advantage of Squarespace’s Commerce functionality, BWell offers a wellness shop for those who want to shop for supplements online. Offering a number of resources, information about BWell’s services and packages, and an insightful blog, the new website is a full-service wellness offering for those looking to connect and transform under the guidance of a certified coach.

To your health,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for Mental Health Doctors

squarespace doctor website example

Finding an experienced, trustworthy mental health doctor for yourself or a loved one can be a painstaking process. General Psychological Associates in Andover, Massachusetts, wanted to streamline it. Providing behavioral health care since 1985, the firm approached Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers to redesign their existing website to be more user-friendly and approachable for new and existing clients.

Built in the popular Squarespace Bedford template, the new doctors’ Squarespace website fits the bill. A very clearly defined menu of services provides potential patients with all the relevant background information on the office’s various areas of mental health practice. Interested new clients can very quickly navigate to the correct contact information to learn more about the practice or schedule an intake appointment. The Staff page offers a well organized grid of psychologists and licensed mental health counselors, each offering varying areas of expertise, so interested parties can research the available mental health care providers in an effort to connect with someone who can specifically address their current issues or concerns.

Forms are available for download directly from the Squarespace website, enabling interested patients to review and complete all forms in the comfort of their homes before their visit. Clear directives to call or email the practice make the user experience one that is seamless, information-rich, and very intuitive.

With peace of mind,

Fix8 Media

Is Squarespace a Good Choice for Nonprofit Websites?

Key Reasons Why Squarespace Is Great for Nonprofits

At Fix8 Media, we work with clients in all industries and disciplines—from entrepreneurs to authors to doctors and more. But one group of organizations from which we have seen a steady increase in interest is the nonprofit sector. In the interview that follows, Fix8 Media’s creative director and lead Squarespace designer, Josh Neimark, discusses why Squarespace is an ideal choice for nonprofits.

What’s the biggest reason you think Squarespace is an exceptional choice for nonprofits?

Nonprofits are always working within budgets, and the people running these organizations are wearing many hats. Squarespace has an incredibly intuitive user interface and the content management tools are easy to use. Nonprofits who have websites built in Squarespace benefit from the ease of updating and maintaining the sites on their own—preventing from costly tech support. They are able to immediately take advantage of the tools and see instant ROI from the sites. Not to mention Squarespace templates can help nonprofits to look current and relevant with regard to aesthetics and functionality, making an immediate good first impression.

What is it about Squarespace vs. other platforms that you feel is beneficial to nonprofits?

Squarespace is a software as a service (SaaS) company. In my previous career, I spent 10 years building traditional hosted websites, which of course was met with hosting needs, support needs, and ongoing general maintenance needs. Our premise has always been to focus on taking nonprofits to market. Squarespace being a SaaS model makes it turnkey, including hosting, full support, updates, and the reduced need for additional costs, resources, or experience to keep a nonprofit website in tip top shape. The platform is mobile responsive and SEO friendly while offering 24/7 support and inline analytics.

How can Squarespace help nonprofits with fundraising efforts?

Critical to the core of any nonprofit is grants and donations. Not only does Squarespace have a built-in commerce functionality, but also a donation functionality that allows visitors to keep the user within their site and experience throughout the whole donation process. Also, with a bit of coding, donation communications and receipts can be customized to further enhance marketing strategies. Last, while the commerce functionality in Squarespace has always been tied to Stripe.com as a processor, Squarespace recently made PayPal also available—a big plus for those who prefer PayPal as a payment method.

Is Squarespace conducive to integrating other tools that nonprofits might use?

All nonprofits that approach us come with different needs. In most cases, our Squarespace design and development team can integrate other donation or management tools, such as Network4Good, for example. Such integrations facilitate donations and fundraising, which are a core component of nonprofit website functionality.

At Fix8 Media, we get great satisfaction from building robust, easy to maintain websites for our nonprofit clients. We enjoy working with these organizations to help them spread their messages and ensure that they are putting forth the most compelling, effective story of their mission.

To learn more about our nonprofit packages, click here.

To view example Squarespace sites we’ve built for our nonprofit clients, click here.

To hear what some of our nonprofit clients have to say about their experience with Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers, click here.

Squarespace for the Perfect Wedding

squarespace wedding website example

It doesn’t get more picture perfect than The Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh, North Carolina. Couples seeking an ideal destination for their wedding are stunned by the beauty of this picturesque home. A combination of 19th century charm and 21st century sophistication, the historic estate is one of Raleigh’s premier wedding and special events spots.

About a year ago, the proprietors of The Merrimon-Wynne House approached Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers to craft a website that showcased the space. We built a site as appealing as the venue, but things changed and the team wanted to rethink the value proposition of the website a year later.

Fast forward to today and we present the newly redesigned Squarespace website. Visitors are immediately met with gorgeous images of the property and very clearly directed to select a path: social events or corporate events. This more specifically guides the visitor to information and resources tailored to their needs based on the nature of their potential booking. Once inside, they can very clearly navigate to options for their special event.

Celebrate good times,

Fix8 Media 

Squarespace for Wedding Websites Just Got Better

A recent integration with wedding registry Zola makes Squarespace now even more conducive for wedding websites. Take your registry up a notch by integrating it with your own personal Squarespace wedding site! Zola is a universal registry that offers controlled shipping, virtual exchange, and a 10% completion discount after your wedding. It’s as easy as creating a Zola account through Squarespace and linking up your registry.

Squarespace’s Wedding templates offer couples a number of cool benefits for planning and sharing details about their wedding online, such as customized domain names, joint email addresses powered by G Suite, beautiful photo galleries, and the ability to organize and share wedding logistics.

Wedding planners and engaged couples will love all that Squarespace has to offer in its wedding-specific template offerings.

Questions about crafting a drop dead gorgeous Squarespace website? Contact Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers and developers today!

Squarespace for IT Services

squarespace mojave template website example

Land on the new Squarespace site for Ninja Fly, The IT Guy, and fasten your seatbelts! The crazy cool motion video background is wild! Nothing subtle here—just a bold, in your face, fun presentation of all this tech guru has to offer!

But as exciting and modern as the website feels, clarity of messaging is not lost in the aesthetic. Built in the Mojave template, the new Squarespace site showcases the parallax scroll for an immersive home page experience. Services are very clearly bucketed with funky icons to direct you where you need to go, while additional background information and bulleted options are listed down below.

Our Squarespace design and development team would rank this up with some of our most fun projects—going for shock value and grabbing you with color, while simultaneously packaging the information in an intuitive, logical way that makes sense to the user. The pricing charts that anchor the home page are an example of the delicate balance we achieve between wow factor and ease of use.

Get techy with it,

Fix8 Media

An Interview with Fix8 Media Squarespace Developer Devon Deason

In a recent interview, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace developer, Devon Deason, describes his experiences working on the Fix8 Media Squarespace website design and development team.

Describe your role at Fix8?

My role at Fix8 encompasses both Squarespace development and design activities, which provides for an ever evolving, challenging, and diverse work day. When clients want modifications or tweaks to existing Squarespace templates, I’m their guy. My background in coding enables me to customize Squarespace templates to meet our clients’ needs.

What do you like most about working on the Fix8 Media team?

The ability to work whenever and wherever I choose is fantastic, and enables me to be flexible in meeting the needs of our global client base. As mentioned above, the varied duties I am responsible for keep me on my toes.

For you, what’s most fulfilling about working for a Squarespace-centric agency?

Typically, our clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small to mid-size businesses looking for Squarespace sites on a budget. Working with clients who are so connected to their work and have a passion for it allows for a stronger connection and investment into each project for me personally.

squarespace website developer

What sets Fix8 Media apart from other web design agencies?

The attention to detail, customer service, and involvement of our entire team with each individual project.

What do you like most about collaborating with Fix8 clients on their Squarespace sites?

I don’t like to say ‘No. It can’t be done.’ I feel challenged daily to find ways to adapt the Squarespace platform through custom coding to meet the specific needs of each client. It’s very fulfilling—for both me and the client!

When you aren’t busy coding up custom Squarespace sites, where can we find you?

Playing ice hockey, playing the piano, or stone cold lampin'.

Squarespace for Music on Vinyl

There’s just something about listening to a record… In the world of MP3s and CDs, the experience of spinning a tune on a record player brings us back.

It’s that love of music on vinyl combined with a desire to give back to the community that inspired the idea for Vinyl for a Cause. Founded by Charlie Greengoss and Adam Victorn, the company recently returned to the Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers to give their website a face lift. About a year into launch, the pair wanted to evolve their concept to include an online shop and a more robust blog feature.

Transitioning to the Mercer template, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace website design team effected the desired changes, resulting in a commerce-enabled presence with enhanced blog capabilities. Retaining the original Motion Video Background feature that visitors find so compelling, the new site offers an immersive experience in the world of music on vinyl.

Spin it,

Fix8 Media

Fix8 Media has been there for us since our company’s inception. In addition to being our web guys, they are our allies. In the past year and a half, they’ve helped us navigate the waters in building our brand, carefully advising us on best practices and new Squarespace capabilities. Their latest work has resulted in a re-vamped 2.0—a site much more catered to the company we’ve grown into rather than who we were when we began.

We’re big fans of the new blog and press sections, which presents our information clear and succinctly. With feeds to our social accounts and a gallery that lays out our work, we now feel like we’re set for the next stage of growth and are proud to share it with the world! We’ll gladly continue recommending the team at Fix8 to friends and colleagues who are searching for expert Squarespace designers and developers!
— Charlie Greengoss

Finally: Paypal for Squarespace!

We know this is an announcement that is going to get a lot of folks in the Squarespace community seriously pumped. Squarespace recently announced the beta launch of PayPal for all of its commerce customers. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

In response to high demand for this trusted and secure payment option, Squarespace has delivered. Removing many hurdles for international payment, the addition of PayPal to the Squarespace platform also opens up site owners to a broader global audience. Other benefits include PayPal Credit, PayPal One Touch, and Purchase and Seller protection.

PayPal is now available in beta for all online stores across all plans. Click here for guidance on how to add PayPal to your Squarespace store.

Need help upgrading or redesigning your commerce site? Contact Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists today.

Fix8 Announces Second Annual Free Squarespace Website Winner!

In the spirit of gratitude that we celebrate on Thanksgiving day, Fix8 Media is thrilled to announce the winner of our second annual Squarespace website giveaway: author Christina Olds of Sacramento, California.

Olds is the daughter of the late great Robin Olds, American war hero and legendary fighter pilot/leader. In 2010, Christina Olds published a memoir of her father’s life titled Fighter Pilot; The Memoirs of a Legendary Ace Robin Olds. The book became a national bestseller, and Olds is currently working on the screenplay for a documentary on the WWII portion of her father’s career, as well as writing her military aviator grandfather’s biography.

“Robin’s legendary leadership principles are those which should be emulated by leaders in all levels of military, corporate, business, and community leadership structures today,” Christina says of her father. “Beyond his risk-taking bravery, intellectual depth, and renegade questioning of authority, lies the heart of a lion devoted to his fellow pilots and all who served with him. The sheer humanity of the man is why pilots who flew with him have said they would ‘follow Robin Olds into hell and back.’ I am continually moved by how my father’s legacy inspires today’s active duty pilots. It is my mission to keep him flying on their wing.”

With Fix8 Media’s help, Christina will continue to do just that, spreading her father’s legacy beyond borders via a powerful, moving Squarespace website.  

“For years now, I've wanted to create a website that is one reliable source for all information about Robin Olds, accessible by all,” Christina adds. “I’ve known that having a website would be my portal to the world, and I spent three years comparing every web-building platform out there. While friends kept trying to point me to WordPress, I always came back to Squarespace as my own choice. Words cannot express my gratitude to Fix8 Media for choosing my website as its annual pro-bono project.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Peace and love,

The Fix8 Media Team

About Robin Olds

Robin Olds is the classic, larger-than-life American war hero. Starting out as an All-American football player at West Point, he flew P-38s and P-51s in WWII, where he became the first ace of his group and squadron commander at age 22. He flew P-80s on USA’s first jet demo team, married a Hollywood movie star, and became famous while commanding the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing during the Vietnam conflict, followed by four years as Commandant of the Air Force Academy. His Vietnam mustache became so famous that it has its own Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustache_March. More importantly, the legend of Robin Olds as the quintessential fighter pilot/leader is inspiring current military pilots of all services and nations around the world. 

Squarespace for Learning by Experience


Take everything you know about traditional higher education and chuck it out the window, and you have Experience Institute.

Experiential learning is the name of the game at expinstitute.com—and the organization’s new Squarespace website is a most engaging presentation of all that it has to offer. The ultra cool video on the home page takes you for a ride through this reimagined approach to learning for both students and companies. More video diaries of past students anchor the home page, encouraging you to dive in and hear what those who experienced the experience have to say.

Built in the Squarespace Mojave template, Experience Institute’s new site offers overviews of the organization’s various programs, enabling you to dig down deep into the details of any offering that interests you. The captivating full-width banner images, gorgeous scrolling pages, and multiple calls to action that are the hallmark of the Squarespace Mojave template all come into play with maximum impact on this site.

If you’re looking for a new way to enhance your resume, check out Experience Institute.

Too cool for school,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace Adds Two New Templates for Artsy Types

When it comes to templates for creative folks, Squarespace hits it out of the park. That’s just the case with its two latest templates targeted toward artists, designers, photographers, and other creatives who want a gorgeous place to showcase their portfolios and engage visitors with their work. Both featuring an index that allows for a super intuitive menu with hover-activated page previews and unique page overlays, these two new templates provide multiple gallery layouts and tons of flexibility. Check them out:

Carson. Geared toward artists and photographers, Carson offers captivating full-screen image displays, a panoramic gallery layout, and hover- or tap-activated caption overlays. Put your work on display in an ultra dynamic way with this exceptional new template.

Henson. Crafted with designers and art directors in mind, Henson enables anyone to create a portfolio website that is anything but ordinary. A bold introductory statement, tight navigation, and stacked gallery with captions lets you tell your story with big impact.

Interested in taking your portfolio site to the next level with one of these new Squarespace templates? Give us a shout!

New Squarespace Commerce Checkout Page and Customers Tool

Squarespace recently updated its Commerce checkout page, adding new options for customization. Some of the highlights of this update include:

• the option to set a default country for shipping and billing addresses

• the ability for your customers to use the same address for billing and shipping

• a field for phone number collection that enables you to follow up with your customers

In addition, the release of a new Customers tool for Squarespace commerce users with basic and advanced Online Store plans provides deeper insight into your client base. Using the Customers tool, you can:

• sort your customers by various factors, including number of orders and total spent

• get insights about customers, such as order history, average order, etc.

• tag and make notes about your customers

Streamline your sales process with Squarespace’s new and improved Commerce features. Contact us today if you need a hand with your Squarespace site! 

Squarespace Rolls Out Three New Small Business Templates

A successful integration with G Suite by Google enables Squarespace users to combine professional email and cloud-based apps with their sites. Since 2014, this group of customers have created online businesses using both tools. Collaborating with three highly successful G Suite x Squarespace clients—Girlboss, Kombucha Dog, and LocoL—Squarespace created the following three new templates, tailored for small businesses:

Rally: If you’ve got a lot of text and images, Rally could balance things out nicely for you. Elegantly combine content collections with big, full-width banners. Multiple navigation areas and a search bar offer quick and easy navigation, while an immersive scroll draws people in.

Foster: Going for a minimalist feel? Let Foster showcase your idea in a professional, clean style, directing visitors into your shop or other destinations on your site.

Feed: A dynamic option featuring background video, 3D image effects, and cool layouts, Feed offers a super modern feel with a compelling home page scroll.

All three of these new templates come with advanced eCommerce options and flexible mobile styles, giving you more control over how your site looks on cell phones and tablets. Interested in learning more about these new Squarespace templates for small businesses? Drop us a line!