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Land on the new Squarespace site for Ninja Fly, The IT Guy, and fasten your seatbelts! The crazy cool motion video background is wild! Nothing subtle here—just a bold, in your face, fun presentation of all this tech guru has to offer!

But as exciting and modern as the website feels, clarity of messaging is not lost in the aesthetic. Built in the Mojave template, the new Squarespace site showcases the parallax scroll for an immersive home page experience. Services are very clearly bucketed with funky icons to direct you where you need to go, while additional background information and bulleted options are listed down below.

Our Squarespace design and development team would rank this up with some of our most fun projects—going for shock value and grabbing you with color, while simultaneously packaging the information in an intuitive, logical way that makes sense to the user. The pricing charts that anchor the home page are an example of the delicate balance we achieve between wow factor and ease of use.

Get techy with it,

Fix8 Media

An Interview with Fix8 Media Squarespace Developer Devon Deason

In a recent interview, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace developer, Devon Deason, describes his experiences working on the Fix8 Media Squarespace website design and development team.

Describe your role at Fix8?

My role at Fix8 encompasses both Squarespace development and design activities, which provides for an ever evolving, challenging, and diverse work day. When clients want modifications or tweaks to existing Squarespace templates, I’m their guy. My background in coding enables me to customize Squarespace templates to meet our clients’ needs.

What do you like most about working on the Fix8 Media team?

The ability to work whenever and wherever I choose is fantastic, and enables me to be flexible in meeting the needs of our global client base. As mentioned above, the varied duties I am responsible for keep me on my toes.

For you, what’s most fulfilling about working for a Squarespace-centric agency?

Typically, our clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small to mid-size businesses looking for Squarespace sites on a budget. Working with clients who are so connected to their work and have a passion for it allows for a stronger connection and investment into each project for me personally.

squarespace website developer

What sets Fix8 Media apart from other web design agencies?

The attention to detail, customer service, and involvement of our entire team with each individual project.

What do you like most about collaborating with Fix8 clients on their Squarespace sites?

I don’t like to say ‘No. It can’t be done.’ I feel challenged daily to find ways to adapt the Squarespace platform through custom coding to meet the specific needs of each client. It’s very fulfilling—for both me and the client!

When you aren’t busy coding up custom Squarespace sites, where can we find you?

Playing ice hockey, playing the piano, or stone cold lampin'.

Squarespace for Music on Vinyl

There’s just something about listening to a record… In the world of MP3s and CDs, the experience of spinning a tune on a record player brings us back.

It’s that love of music on vinyl combined with a desire to give back to the community that inspired the idea for Vinyl for a Cause. Founded by Charlie Greengoss and Adam Victorn, the company recently returned to the Fix8 Media Squarespace designers and developers to give their website a face lift. About a year into launch, the pair wanted to evolve their concept to include an online shop and a more robust blog feature.

Transitioning to the Mercer template, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace website design team effected the desired changes, resulting in a commerce-enabled presence with enhanced blog capabilities. Retaining the original Motion Video Background feature that visitors find so compelling, the new site offers an immersive experience in the world of music on vinyl.

Spin it,

Fix8 Media

Fix8 Media has been there for us since our company’s inception. In addition to being our web guys, they are our allies. In the past year and a half, they’ve helped us navigate the waters in building our brand, carefully advising us on best practices and new Squarespace capabilities. Their latest work has resulted in a re-vamped 2.0—a site much more catered to the company we’ve grown into rather than who we were when we began.

We’re big fans of the new blog and press sections, which presents our information clear and succinctly. With feeds to our social accounts and a gallery that lays out our work, we now feel like we’re set for the next stage of growth and are proud to share it with the world! We’ll gladly continue recommending the team at Fix8 to friends and colleagues who are searching for expert Squarespace designers and developers!
— Charlie Greengoss

Finally: Paypal for Squarespace!

We know this is an announcement that is going to get a lot of folks in the Squarespace community seriously pumped. Squarespace recently announced the beta launch of PayPal for all of its commerce customers. Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!

In response to high demand for this trusted and secure payment option, Squarespace has delivered. Removing many hurdles for international payment, the addition of PayPal to the Squarespace platform also opens up site owners to a broader global audience. Other benefits include PayPal Credit, PayPal One Touch, and Purchase and Seller protection.

PayPal is now available in beta for all online stores across all plans. Click here for guidance on how to add PayPal to your Squarespace store.

Need help upgrading or redesigning your commerce site? Contact Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists today.

Fix8 Announces Second Annual Free Squarespace Website Winner!

In the spirit of gratitude that we celebrate on Thanksgiving day, Fix8 Media is thrilled to announce the winner of our second annual Squarespace website giveaway: author Christina Olds of Sacramento, California.

Olds is the daughter of the late great Robin Olds, American war hero and legendary fighter pilot/leader. In 2010, Christina Olds published a memoir of her father’s life titled Fighter Pilot; The Memoirs of a Legendary Ace Robin Olds. The book became a national bestseller, and Olds is currently working on the screenplay for a documentary on the WWII portion of her father’s career, as well as writing her military aviator grandfather’s biography.

“Robin’s legendary leadership principles are those which should be emulated by leaders in all levels of military, corporate, business, and community leadership structures today,” Christina says of her father. “Beyond his risk-taking bravery, intellectual depth, and renegade questioning of authority, lies the heart of a lion devoted to his fellow pilots and all who served with him. The sheer humanity of the man is why pilots who flew with him have said they would ‘follow Robin Olds into hell and back.’ I am continually moved by how my father’s legacy inspires today’s active duty pilots. It is my mission to keep him flying on their wing.”

With Fix8 Media’s help, Christina will continue to do just that, spreading her father’s legacy beyond borders via a powerful, moving Squarespace website.  

“For years now, I've wanted to create a website that is one reliable source for all information about Robin Olds, accessible by all,” Christina adds. “I’ve known that having a website would be my portal to the world, and I spent three years comparing every web-building platform out there. While friends kept trying to point me to WordPress, I always came back to Squarespace as my own choice. Words cannot express my gratitude to Fix8 Media for choosing my website as its annual pro-bono project.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Peace and love,

The Fix8 Media Team

About Robin Olds

Robin Olds is the classic, larger-than-life American war hero. Starting out as an All-American football player at West Point, he flew P-38s and P-51s in WWII, where he became the first ace of his group and squadron commander at age 22. He flew P-80s on USA’s first jet demo team, married a Hollywood movie star, and became famous while commanding the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing during the Vietnam conflict, followed by four years as Commandant of the Air Force Academy. His Vietnam mustache became so famous that it has its own Wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustache_March. More importantly, the legend of Robin Olds as the quintessential fighter pilot/leader is inspiring current military pilots of all services and nations around the world. 

Squarespace for Learning by Experience


Take everything you know about traditional higher education and chuck it out the window, and you have Experience Institute.

Experiential learning is the name of the game at expinstitute.com—and the organization’s new Squarespace website is a most engaging presentation of all that it has to offer. The ultra cool video on the home page takes you for a ride through this reimagined approach to learning for both students and companies. More video diaries of past students anchor the home page, encouraging you to dive in and hear what those who experienced the experience have to say.

Built in the Squarespace Mojave template, Experience Institute’s new site offers overviews of the organization’s various programs, enabling you to dig down deep into the details of any offering that interests you. The captivating full-width banner images, gorgeous scrolling pages, and multiple calls to action that are the hallmark of the Squarespace Mojave template all come into play with maximum impact on this site.

If you’re looking for a new way to enhance your resume, check out Experience Institute.

Too cool for school,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace Adds Two New Templates for Artsy Types

When it comes to templates for creative folks, Squarespace hits it out of the park. That’s just the case with its two latest templates targeted toward artists, designers, photographers, and other creatives who want a gorgeous place to showcase their portfolios and engage visitors with their work. Both featuring an index that allows for a super intuitive menu with hover-activated page previews and unique page overlays, these two new templates provide multiple gallery layouts and tons of flexibility. Check them out:

Carson. Geared toward artists and photographers, Carson offers captivating full-screen image displays, a panoramic gallery layout, and hover- or tap-activated caption overlays. Put your work on display in an ultra dynamic way with this exceptional new template.

Henson. Crafted with designers and art directors in mind, Henson enables anyone to create a portfolio website that is anything but ordinary. A bold introductory statement, tight navigation, and stacked gallery with captions lets you tell your story with big impact.

Interested in taking your portfolio site to the next level with one of these new Squarespace templates? Give us a shout!

New Squarespace Commerce Checkout Page and Customers Tool

Squarespace recently updated its Commerce checkout page, adding new options for customization. Some of the highlights of this update include:

• the option to set a default country for shipping and billing addresses

• the ability for your customers to use the same address for billing and shipping

• a field for phone number collection that enables you to follow up with your customers

In addition, the release of a new Customers tool for Squarespace commerce users with basic and advanced Online Store plans provides deeper insight into your client base. Using the Customers tool, you can:

• sort your customers by various factors, including number of orders and total spent

• get insights about customers, such as order history, average order, etc.

• tag and make notes about your customers

Streamline your sales process with Squarespace’s new and improved Commerce features. Contact us today if you need a hand with your Squarespace site! 

Squarespace Rolls Out Three New Small Business Templates

A successful integration with G Suite by Google enables Squarespace users to combine professional email and cloud-based apps with their sites. Since 2014, this group of customers have created online businesses using both tools. Collaborating with three highly successful G Suite x Squarespace clients—Girlboss, Kombucha Dog, and LocoL—Squarespace created the following three new templates, tailored for small businesses:

Rally: If you’ve got a lot of text and images, Rally could balance things out nicely for you. Elegantly combine content collections with big, full-width banners. Multiple navigation areas and a search bar offer quick and easy navigation, while an immersive scroll draws people in.

Foster: Going for a minimalist feel? Let Foster showcase your idea in a professional, clean style, directing visitors into your shop or other destinations on your site.

Feed: A dynamic option featuring background video, 3D image effects, and cool layouts, Feed offers a super modern feel with a compelling home page scroll.

All three of these new templates come with advanced eCommerce options and flexible mobile styles, giving you more control over how your site looks on cell phones and tablets. Interested in learning more about these new Squarespace templates for small businesses? Drop us a line!

Squarespace for Hair Salons

A new hairstyle, cut, or color makes you feel rejuvenated. Whether you’re getting a totally new look or just jazzing up your signature style, you need to find a hair salon you can trust with your precious tresses.

No one understands this better than Rituals Aveda Salon owners Elsa and Jonathan Mosco. The St. Petersburg, Florida-based mother and son team recently put their trust in Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to redesign their website into something that more clearly reflected their deep experience, core values, and talented team.

Built in the Squarespace Sonora template, the new Rituals site celebrates the Aveda brand’s mission while giving visitors a glimpse into the salon itself. A Parallax artists’ page allows you to meet and learn about Rituals’ stylists, while a photo gallery showcases examples of their work. Interested clients can find a full menu of services with pricing, learn about the salon’s loyalty rewards program, and find all the information needed to make an appointment for a service.

St. Pete weekenders and residents alike will certainly surf Rituals new Squarespace site on their hunt for the perfect beach wave.

Stay stylish,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace for World Travelers

For many who love to travel, getting away to a new destination is more than just a vacation—it’s a passion. Fueled by a burning desire to explore new places around the globe, world travelers seek reputable resources to help plan their next journey. That’s where the newest member of the Fix8 family of Squarespace websites comes in.

Outside GO is an adventure travel company that designs, plans, curates, and executes unforgettable travel experiences. And its new Squarespace website is a wonderful example of just how far you can push the Squarespace platform to customize an incredible visitor experience.

From Kenya to Ecuador to Chile—visitors are transported to potential destinations through elegantly executed, custom coded trips pages, complete with photo galleries, written overviews, video footage, and maps.  Our team collaborated closely with the client, ensuring our custom coded styling met the client’s vision.

In addition to a captivating user experience, the site offers Squarespace’s standard intuitive site management and analysis tools, as well as an Infusionsoft integration to streamline CRM and email marketing.

All in all, the new OutsideGO.com is one of the most robust, customized Squarespace sites we’ve ever built—and we’re proud to have been a part of this incredible journey.

Ramble on,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace Offers Free SSL on All Sites

Concerned about the security of your website visitors? Want to make sure they feel confident perusing your offerings, purchasing your products, or inputting sensitive data? Squarespace has the answer.

From now on, Squarespace will offer free SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology on all its websites. Every Squarespace website can enable SSL, which directs users and search engines automatically to a secure version of the site. Think about the sheer number of Squarespace users out there, and you’ll realize that this is pretty huge news: Now millions of Squarespace domains will be secured with SSL. And a very cool bonus is that some may even see a boost in search rankings as a result!

Partnering with Let’s Encrypt, Squarespace now offers free SSL certificates to all of its customers. To learn how to enable SSL on your site, click here.

Squarespace for Salesforce

Having helped over 1,000 companies implement Salesforce to the benefit of their businesses, CRM manager needed a redesign of its Wordpress site that better reflected the firm’s rich experience and depth. Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists worked closely with the CRM team to craft a compelling, brand-centered Squarespace site, built in the Brine template, that does just that.

Starting with a home page slide show that draws the target visitor in by offering immediate answers to key questions, the new Squarespace site breaks down CRM manager’s service offerings into three categories. Careful treatment of text, a feed of video segments, and testimonial quotes peppered throughout make what has the potential to be a very technical and dense topic highly accessible and visually pleasing.

The comprehensive company history, management team bios, and business partnership component of the site is likewise broken out into a friendly drop down that keeps user experience top of mind. For those seeking a career with CRM, the option to click a button and apply right away via a linked online form makes the process quick and easy.

It’s clear to see that ease of use is streamlined on the new Squarespace website, but the deeply indexed SEO of the previous site is not lost, as Fix8 Media imported the firm’s extensive past blog posts from Wordpress into the new Squarespace blog. The result is a robust, elegant, sophisticated web presence for the Salesforce experts, combined with the effective carryover of all the hard work put into the previous site.


Fix8 Media

Restaurants Now Have More Options, Greater Flexibility in Squarespace

Attention restauranteurs: Squarespace just got a whole lot friendlier for your business!

Obviously seeing a lot of interest from the foodie circle, Squarespace has been busy developing custom templates and integrations geared toward this audience. Following the release of its essential website tools for the Food & Drink industry in 2013, Squarespace has been gearing up to become even better suited to hosting restaurant and related sites. Here are two of the most recent updates:

  • The latest ChowNow integration enables restaurants to offer delivery and pickup options directly on their Squarespace sites! Customers no longer need to leave your site—nor your brand identity—to place their orders.
  • Four new templates—Tremont, Hunter, Foster, and Feed—are now available in the Squarespace Food & Drink collection. This Squarespace group of templates is tailor-made to give many relevant and enticing options to restaurant owners!

Need help building a Squarespace website for your restaurant? Check out some of the gorgeous sites we’ve built for the food and drink industry!

Squarespace for Vegan Gelato

The handcrafted, dairy-free gelato from California’s Conscious Creamery is both delicious and sustainable. It’s made with fresh, local fruit and non-GMO, fair trade, organic ingredients when possible. The cups and spoons are fully biodegradable. Even the gelato cases require no electricity or gas generators.

We thought such a lovingly handcrafted product needed an equally lovingly handcrafted Squarespace website. Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists’ Creative Director Josh Neimark took a special interest in the project. A vegan himself, Josh felt strongly about helping Conscious share its story of delectable, animal-friendly treats with the world.

“It’s rare and exciting to get a project in our shop that speaks to my family’s vegan lifestyle,” said Josh. “We were so thrilled to help the Conscious Creamery team get their debut Squarespace website up and help to spread the word about their incredible vegan gelato!”

Executed in the Squarespace Brine template, the new site features a delicious parallax scroll on the home page, peppered with mouthwatering images of the gelato, snippets about the company’s values and ingredients, and testimonials from its fans. An up-to-date Events Calendar makes it easy to locate Conscious Creamery at a farmer’s market or event near you, while a menu of catering options gives interested visitors a chance to book private catering service.

Featuring incredibly beautiful imagery throughout, the new Conscious Creamery website will have anyone with a sweet tooth—vegan or not—wishing they could try some of this delicious and sustainable treat!

How sweet it is,

Fix8 Media 

You Can Now Build a Squarespace Web Page on Your Phone!

Crazy, right?!?

Well, you never know when you’ll get hit by a stroke of genius. Chances are, you won’t be in front of your computer to let the creative juices flow. Squarespace understands this dilemma, which is why it just launched the Squarespace Start app. 

Make that idea concrete by building a one-page Squarespace website on your mobile device! You can even buy a domain name on the app, getting that million-dollar idea locked and loaded.

Download the free Squarespace Start app from the IOS App Store or Google Play for Android. 

Trip over some inspiration for a full-size Squarespace website? Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists would love to help you bring your creative musings to life!

Squarespace for Women’s Health

A renewed sense of energy, health, and well-being are at the core of New Day Wellness Center’s offerings. The Charlotte-based health and wellness center, which primarily caters to the needs of middle-aged women, was looking for a facelift for their current site. Just as the New Day team seeks to help clients achieve their goals of looking and feeling younger and more fit, they wanted to provide the same opportunity for transformation to their own website. And with the help of Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists, New Day achieved dramatic and impressive results.

Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the new website has an undeniable warmth throughout. Featuring a soft color palette and images that appeal to its target market, the New Day Squarespace website details the center’s offerings for weight loss, hormone replacement, and anti-aging treatments. Carefully placed calls to action encourage visitors to make an appointment, while a Specials page highlights the center’s current discounted offerings. Interested parties complete a Squarespace form to inquire about scheduling a free consultation to find out which skin therapy or anti-aging treatments are right for them.

Wrinkles away,

Fix8 Media

Squarespace Pays Tribute to Filmmaker David Lynch

This is just something you’ve got to experience to appreciate.

Pushing the platform as only it can, Squarespace recently announced a collaboration with artists and musicians that pays homage to filmmaker David Lynch. In cooperation with actor John Malkovich and photographer Sandro, Squarespace has launched PlayingLynch.com.

A celebration of the The Music of David Lynch, a tribute album, Malkovich and Sandro created vignettes featuring memorable characters and scenes from David Lynch’s films. Squarespace is making these vignettes, which are set to tracks from the album, available on PlayingLynch.com.

Check out the immersive Squarespace experience to see for yourself how incredibly powerful the platform can be. You’ll be sucked in immediately (I mean, really, how can you not be with John Malkovich at center stage?), with the music from artists such as Lykke Li, Sky Ferreira, and Karen O rounding out the mood. 

Once on the site, if you donate to the David Lynch Foundation, you get access to the tracks and videos before they’re released. Or, better yet, you get a pass to come back to the site for a week and watch as new vignettes are unlocked.

The David Lynch Foundation is a nonprofit that helps those suffering from trauma, stress, or loss cope via transcendental meditation techniques. All proceeds from PlayingLynch.com go to the foundation.

Check it out: PlayingLynch.com.

Squarespace for Rheumatologists

A physician’s website can offer specific challenges to a web designer. First, there’s the issue of organizing and presenting a lot of information. Often rich with medical terminology, resources, contact details, and forms, a doctor’s website can easily get bogged down in a sea of confusion. Enter Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists.

Led by Dr. Richard Stern, Rheumatology Associates contracted with Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists to help them design not only a great looking Squarespace website, but also one that was organized, well-written, and optimized for SEO. Engaging the talents of our content and SEO strategist Tina Snyder, Rheumatology Associates crafted an information-rich yet extremely accessible Squarespace website compliant with HIPAA regulations.

“More and more doctors are finding a resource in our team because of our experience building websites in the medical field,” said Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists Creative Director Joshua Neimark. “We aren’t doctors or lawyers, but we understand the general guidelines and best practices that physicians need to follow when building Squarespace websites—and we help them ensure their websites are as patient-friendly as possible.”

Complete with warm and relatable images, clear calls to action, a thorough patient resource section, and link to a secure Patient Portal, the new Rheumatology Associates website, executed in the Squarespace Bedford template, is the latest example of Fix8 Media’s understanding of and collaboration with medical groups.

Fit as a fiddle,

Fix8 Media

Your team exceeded my expectations. Y’all went WAY above and beyond. I think you took my basic ideas and did a great job of turning them into a website I am very proud of. I cannot say enough great things about everyone!!!! Josh and Molly were like mind readers, translating my vision into reality. Tina is always helpful with great feedback and support. I expected to pay more for such a site. I will recommend you to everyone!
— Dr. Richard Stern, Rheumatology Associates Grapevine

Squarespace for Wedding Photography

For many, planning a wedding is like having a second job. Tracking down vendors for your big day can be quite the feat—especially when it comes to finding the right photographer to capture the spirit and style of your wedding.

Sonya Yruel has been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. Bringing a photojournalistic style to wedding photography, she wanted a Squarespace website that conveyed her passion for capturing authentic moments.

Executed in the Squarespace Forte template, her new website by Fix8 Media Squarespace Specialists is purely stunning. The experience starts with a full-page slideshow that offers a taste of Yruel’s keen eye. Deeper exploration takes the visitor into a number of galleries featuring her work, organized by wedding destinations, portraits, and travel photos. The presentation is seamless, featuring a number of Squarespace gallery experiences to keep the visitor engaged and clicking through for more.

These are the moments,

Fix8 Media