An Interview with Fix8 Media UK Squarespace Specialist Sarah Longworth

What do you like most about working on the Fix8 Media team?

For one, I feel fortunate to work with people who have a similar work ethic and values to me. Also, being located in the UK but working as part of an international team enables me to connect with and help entrepreneurs, artists, and businesses around the world, which is very fulfilling. Further, the close-knit team at Fix8 are great communicators and collaborators—something that often gets lost in larger agencies.  

Why was it important for Fix8 Media to open a Squarespace design and development office in the United Kingdom?

I really feel there is a gap in the market here and a need for such a flexible and beautiful CMS as Squarespace. In fact, Squarespace themselves feel it's important to have a European presence, evidenced by their Dublin office. So as Squarespace specialists, I feel it’s important for Fix8 to be the go-to design and development office for anyone in the UK looking to build a Squarespace website. I also believe that we have the advantage of understanding the needs of UK businesses and the market.

Is there a need for Squarespace specialists in Europe, or more specifically in England?

Definitely! Squarespace is growing over here, and more and more people are discovering it. It’s critical for true Squarespace specialists like Fix8 to be available to meet the unique needs of the UK market.

Why is Squarespace such an effective website platform?

I come from this firstly as a designer and developer. It's such a solid platform to develop upon. The templates are really robust, yet with customisation allow us a huge amount of flexibility to provide unique sites for our customers. Having previously run a small business, I can see the benefits of Squarespace for the client who has no coding knowledge. It's such an intuitive platform to learn and manage yourself going forward after the site is built.

What do you like most about creating Squarespace websites for clients?

Firstly, I love meeting and talking to so many different clients, not only in the US but globally. The stories of how people set up their businesses and how they want to grow is always inspiring. I also feel confident when handing over sites to clients that going forward they will be able to manage and develop their sites on their own. We always keep in mind the need to develop and grow when creating our sites, and offer our clients the tools and training they need to manage their Squarespace websites on their own.

When you aren’t sitting behind a computer screen building killer Squarespace websites, where can we find you?

I live in a really beautiful rural part of the UK so I love getting out in the countryside. I am a keen photographer, so I am usually behind a camera!