An Interview with Fix8 Media Squarespace Developer Devon Deason

In a recent interview, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace developer, Devon Deason, describes his experiences working on the Fix8 Media Squarespace website design and development team.

Describe your role at Fix8?

My role at Fix8 encompasses both Squarespace development and design activities, which provides for an ever evolving, challenging, and diverse work day. When clients want modifications or tweaks to existing Squarespace templates, I’m their guy. My background in coding enables me to customize Squarespace templates to meet our clients’ needs.

What do you like most about working on the Fix8 Media team?

The ability to work whenever and wherever I choose is fantastic, and enables me to be flexible in meeting the needs of our global client base. As mentioned above, the varied duties I am responsible for keep me on my toes.

For you, what’s most fulfilling about working for a Squarespace-centric agency?

Typically, our clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small to mid-size businesses looking for Squarespace sites on a budget. Working with clients who are so connected to their work and have a passion for it allows for a stronger connection and investment into each project for me personally.

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What sets Fix8 Media apart from other web design agencies?

The attention to detail, customer service, and involvement of our entire team with each individual project.

What do you like most about collaborating with Fix8 clients on their Squarespace sites?

I don’t like to say ‘No. It can’t be done.’ I feel challenged daily to find ways to adapt the Squarespace platform through custom coding to meet the specific needs of each client. It’s very fulfilling—for both me and the client!

When you aren’t busy coding up custom Squarespace sites, where can we find you?

Playing ice hockey, playing the piano, or stone cold lampin'.

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