Squarespace for Luxury Real Estate

Showcasing the beautiful interiors and exteriors of luxury residences is a breeze in the Squarespace platform. Choosing from the many beautiful image-based platforms, real estate firms and property management companies alike can find an online home in Squarespace.

The townhomes of AVELINE in lovely La Jolla, California, are seriously gorgeous—and so is the presentation of these residences in the Squarespace Thorne template. Featuring an interactive Squarespace customization that enables the view of all residences by floor plan, the AVELINE Squarespace site is a highly functional sales tool. A custom interactive neighborhood map provides a unique view of the dining, shopping, recreation, and arts and culture options in the vicinity. This unique Fix8 customization integrates seamlessly into the Squarespace platform, enhancing the user’s understanding of the neighborhood surrounding these townhomes. 

A vivid image gallery of the La Jolla area completes this beautiful presentation—resulting in a Squarespace real estate site that looks as high end as the residences it features.

Living the California dream,

Fix8 Media