Squarespace for Denver Restaurants

Squarespace for Denver Restaurants

Colorado Squarespace Designers Fix8 Media Craft New Website for Denver Restaurant

The Poke Story Debuts Its New Squarespace Website to Foodie Fans

If you’ve never had poke, one look at The Poke Story’s new Squarespace website will have you hankering for a taste. The delectable home page opens with a colorful image of a bowl full of fresh, high quality ingredients—one secret to The Poke Story’s success. Click into the whimsical menu and you’ll be transported to the restaurant, where you can customize a Poke Story of your own—selecting a protein, sauce, and toppings to suit.

Built in the Squarespace Pacific template, this Squarespace restaurant website is distinctly modern and clean, leading with a scrolling home page that offers numerous calls to action to lead the visitor in. The fun illustrations peppered throughout add a touch of whimsy, while The Poke Story’s passion for service and high quality cuisine shine through in the images and content on their beautiful new Squarespace website. Local Denver foodies can contact the restaurant for more info, or, more likely, use the Google map location to drive straight there and try some poke right away!

A bowl full of yum,

Fix8 Media