Squarespace for Television Writers

Squarespace for Television Writers

Entertainment and Sports Journalist Graham Flashner Launches Squarespace Website

Fix8 Media Squarespace Designers Build Portfolio Site for Emmy-nominated Script Writer

Experienced entertainment and sports journalist Graham Flashner has over 25 years of experience writing in his field. He recently came to Fix8 Media for help presenting his work in such a way that was engaging and accessible to his audience. Fix8 Media’s Squarespace designers crafted a simple, clean portfolio-driven website that is minimalist and crisp.

The home page of the new Squarespace site is a grid of writing samples, clickable through to PDFs. Graham wanted visitors to his Squarespace site to be immediately thrown into the work as opposed to scrolling for calls to action or navigating through to a designated Work page. Built in the Squarespace Mercer template, the site also features Graham’s bio, a blog, and a simple contact page with a Squarespace form for those interested in connecting with Graham. The result is super stripped down and straight to the point—no editing required!

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