Squarespace Websites for Business Consultants

Squarespace Websites for Business Consultants

Speaker, Author, and Consultant Launches Marketing Website in Squarespace

Fix8 Media Builds Marketing Website for Business Consultant on Creativity

A CEO, author, speaker, consultant, and father, Nir Bashan is a man who wears many hats. So when it came time to build a website for his growing consultancy business, he knew he should leave that hat to the professionals.

Nir reached out to the talented creative web design team at Fix8 Media in Longmont, Colorado, to bring his vision to life. Collaborating closely with the Florida-based creativity guru, Fix8 Media’s Squarespace website designers built an engaging marketing website showing the many sides of the talented Nir.

Designed in the Squarespace Brine template, the new website opens with an image of Nir speaking to a packed crowd, with an immediate call to action to hear what he has to say in the video. The banner is quickly followed by something everyone loves: an offer of free stuff in exchange for an email address. A quick scroll down leads to buttons taking the visitor to the main pages of the site: keynotes, workshops, and consulting. Those who haven’t clicked in yet are met with a display of the brands with whom Nir has collaborated, and finally introduced to his book, The Creator Mindset.

Each interior page of the website offers additional insight into Nir and his services. You learn fun facts about him on the About page, see examples of his speeches on the Keynotes page, and see examples of topics on his Workshops page. Throughout, visitors are given the opportunity to learn more and connect with Nir via a Squarespace contact form. Those interested in his consulting services are encouraged to schedule a free consult, thus igniting the spark of creativity.

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