Fix8 Media Gives Back

As boutique website designers and developers, we have the luxury of working with people, businesses, and organizations that run the gamut. From lawyers to authors to doctors to artists—our client base is as diverse as it gets. But one of the most rewarding groups of clients that we have had the joy of helping is nonprofits.

Working with nonprofits has always proven a rewarding experience for our team. We’ve had the privilege of helping so many organizations build impactful websites that share their mission, entice volunteers, and garner support. Contributing to these causes through our creative and strategic efforts is extremely satisfying—which is why we wanted to give back to this very group that has given us so much.

For 2019, we’ve selected one nonprofit client to support via free Squarespace website updates, strategic support, and technical support: Challenge America. A Colorado-based nonprofit, Challenge America’s mission is to connect service members, veterans, and their families to resources and solutions that build community and give purpose to their lives. Their work has touched lives through such programs as music therapy retreats that help veterans cope with PTSD, a Military Sisterhood Initiative that creates a national peer support network for women in the military, and the CAMVETS program that brings together designers, developers, and engineers to address the specific needs of an injured veteran.

We’re honored to support Challenge America and give back to those who have given so much for us.

Are you a nonprofit organization interested in building a Squarespace website? Learn more about the special Nonprofit Packages we’ve created for our clients.