Content Development and Squarespace SEO Strategy

Got writer’s block? Need help crafting keyword-rich copy? Want to make sure your Squarespace site is getting picked up in searches?

Fix8 Media content creation and Squarespace SEO specialist Tina Snyder can help. Bringing her 16-year writing and editing background to our talent mix, Tina is a creative thinker who crafts impactful content. Her experience spans a wide range of disciplines, including art, design, high-tech, manufacturing, and business. She works with clients on keyword-rich website copy, Squarespace SEO strategy, blogging, and more.

Whether you are starting from scratch or need to freshen up stale content, Tina works directly with the Fix8 design team to ensure your messages and calls to action integrate seamlessly into your Squarespace site.

Tina’s services include:

  • Crafting keyword-rich copy
  • Editing and integrating existing content into your Squarespace site
  • Writing keyword-rich Squarespace page titles and descriptions to enhance SEO
  • Blogging
  • Writing press releases
  • Marketing/social media strategy

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Tina was fantastic to work with and she did a great job of editing my Squarespace site content for keywords. My Squarespace site had horrible SEO and now it has shot to the top of my field. This has brought an increase in sales from my website.
— Lisa Bain Carlton, College MatchPoint
Expert copywriter Tina Snyder was invaluable to me, writing copy for my site that spoke directly to my target markets in their language.
— Joe Martinez, Phlox Capital Management
I worked with Tina on content development and SEO strategy. She was incredibly professional and right-on-point when it came to targeting certain demographics and crafting engaging, readable text. She was fun to work with and was so responsive that content development went twice as fast as I had expected.
— Dr. James Turnbull, The Foot Medics