Fix8 Media Was Absolutely Top Notch Developing Our Customized Squarespace Website. My company Outside GO needed to get a new website up quick and it needed to be first class. After speaking with Josh, the owner of Fix8 Media we knew we had found the right people, the perfect mix of left and right brains. We were immediately impressed with how easy they are to communicate with—just real, down to earth, believable people that don’t talk over your head with tech jargon.

In a few of months we launched our completely new website and couldn’t be any happier with the way the site turned out, and our experience with Fix8 Media. They listened and spent time understanding our product and message to make sure the site layout was appropriate. Our project wasn’t without challenges as we wanted a very customized site. They pulled off some tricky programming feats to get the site to do what we wanted, while not losing sight of the need for superb aesthetics.
— Chip Cunningham Outside GO | CEO and Co-Founder

Squarespace is where you need to be. And when you get (or move) there, Fix8 Media is who you need to call. Trust me, you want and need Josh Neimark and his team of graphic design wizards putting your site together. Their domain expertise, client-centricity, market insight and fundamental (and genuine) desire to make each client successful is precisely why they dominate this specific market space. Further, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another business partner, of any kind, who truly takes your vision, makes it their own and turns it into a value-generating reality.

Josh and his folks are a team of people who actually ‘get it’…by that I mean that they understand that their success is based on your success. In a totally authentic way, they’re deeply invested in creating the absolute best, most dynamic, most capable, most functional and most comprehensive website imaginable for every one of their clients. I am happy to say that I’m a life-long client & partner with Fix8 Media.
— Gregg M. Bohren, The Applied Leadership Center

I wanted to share my thoughts about your service. I found that the quality of service, the finished product and the overall environment was beyond my expectations. The entire team was professional, informative, open to recommendations, warm and friendly. I am looking forward to a long and
beneficial relationship with Fix8 Media.
— Ray Kline

It has been such an extraordinary pleasure to work with Fix8 Media on our Squarespace website revamp project. In a world where many web developers take your money and run, the team at Fix8 is one of integrity, hard work and dedication to the client’s creative vision. Amidst my busy schedule, they patiently waited as I submitted all needed assets, and then followed my ideas to the T. The team is always there to answer questions, and above all else, they are genuinely nice, caring people. It was a breath of fresh air to work with this company, and I will always recommend them to anyone looking for a great working relationship and a stellar finished product.
— Laura Holloway, The Storyteller Agency

I recently had the pleasure of working with Fix8 Media to develop my new website, I had a strong vision for my business, but needed someone to develop and execute branding and web presence. From my initial contact with Susie I knew that I was dealing with a professional organization and following a consultation with Josh, I needed to look no further. He spent a great deal of time with me getting to understand my vision as well as the finer points of my business. Within a week, Josh had three different creative ideas for the website. The hardest part of the process was choosing what was going to be the final direction of the site because they were all fantastic. During the process I enjoyed developing my new logo, font and color scheme with Paul. Paul was as pleasant and professional as he was creative. I was blown away by his presentations and he over-delivered on the logo, font, and colors. It turned out better than I ever imagined. Additionally, I worked with Tina on content development and SEO strategy. She too was incredibly professional and right-on-point when it came to targeting certain demographics and crafting engaging, readable text. She was fun to work with and was so responsive that content development went twice as fast as I had expected.

My experience with Fix8 was incredible. They were on time, on budget, friendly, professional and creative. The value was amazing—I got far more than I had dreamed. I really clicked with Josh—we were on the same page all the time. I’m looking forward to starting my next Squarespace website project with Fix8—a complete Squarespace website redo for another one of my businesses.
— James Turnbull

This is my second site with Josh and the great team at Fix8 Media. For every other web development project I’ve gone through in my career, there was a messy divorce by the time it concluded. I was starting to think I was the Elizabeth Taylor of website marriages! But then I discovered Fix8. Their commitment to meeting my project vision was unparalleled. Josh took me through a number of template mock-ups in the beginning to make sure we nailed down the right one for Brenda Starr. And the communication style is always first class—fast email response, phone support, whatever is needed to get to the finish line. Love Fix8 and the Squarespace platform.
— J.J. Salem

I contacted Fix8 when I had decided it was time to update my website. Previously I had made a site DIY. It looked exactly as I wanted it to, but it was crude in terms of functionality. I was feeling constrained by the inability to easily update it and by its outdated user interface.

I was drawn to Squarespace as a potential platform because their sample sites had a level of visual sophistication and apparent visual customizing, which I hadn’t seen on other platforms. I am a graphic designer, so the aesthetics of the site were crucial to my business.

I spent some time trying to figure out how to maneuver with Squarespace on my own, but it was too time consuming for me to learn all the features, so I decided I needed an outside source to make the actual site. My hope was that through that process I would get the site made and at the same time get the hands-on guidance and training I needed to be able to eventually go forward independently with Squarespace.

Finding Josh and Susie and the rest of their team at Fix8 was like a miracle, and it was exactly what I had been looking for. From first contact I could tell Fix8 was a company that would be easy to work with: They were highly professional, and most importantly absolute experts in the Squarespace platform.

The packages they offered had a lot of flexibility, so I was able to figure out something that was just right for my needs. Then my experience working with them was in every instance a pleasure. I felt like Josh really listened to my needs about the kind of site I was going for. I felt like he thought creatively and with a deep knowledge base about how to best utilize Squarespace to suit my purposes. And frankly, he was just a really fun guy to deal with. I always enjoyed my work calls with him.

Susie is the other primary leader in the company and she also was fantastic. She is extremely efficient and organized and, frankly, just a lovely person. So dealing with the business end of Fix8 was always easy and totally pleasant.

Connecting with Fix8 and Squarespace has made a huge positive difference in my ability to develop a current, top-tier website on a platform that feels like it will have real staying power and will evolve with my evolving business needs.

I would recommend Fix8 to anyone looking to develop a Squarespace website.
— Polly Kanevsky

Why I love Fix8 Media and Squarespace!!

I literally haven’t stopped doing my happy dance since my beautiful website from Fix8 Media launched!

I initially chose the Squarespace platform because I liked the look of the templates and the fact that it was user-friendly. But, as a small business owner, wearing many hats, I quickly realized that I didn’t have the time to create a site for myself. I did some extensive research looking for the right team to create the look I wanted and hallelujah for Fix8 Media! They are super heroes in my book and quite honestly saved the day!

Josh, Susie and their team are such a pleasure to work with and made the entire process fun and easy from the very beginning. Josh instinctively knew (even before I did!) what my site needed for potential clients to efficiently navigate their way around my website. I especially appreciated how he truly ‘heard’ my needs and concerns, addressed them AND came up with solutions I never would’ve thought of on my own. It was an amazing, collaborative team effort on our project and I couldn’t be happier!

My new site is receiving rave reviews and the amount of traffic we’ve received from the minute we launched is incredible! I attribute it all to the beautiful site Josh and Fix8 created.

I’ve already signed them on for my next project and am sharing them with everyone I know!!! Not only are they true professionals in the industry, after working closely with them, I feel like they are friends!

Thank you Fix8!
— Michelle Lee

Josh, Susie and Sarah were dream collaborators. Sarah’s initial designs were so incredibly lovely, and her initial “collage design on a map” inspired the look of the banners created for the site.

The training was excellent, and even after the site went live, Josh has been very supportive in answering the odd question here and there.

I receive so many compliments on the site and I’m very happy with its style and function. Thank you, Fix8 Team!
— Susanne Lord

The internet is an amazing place. The interactions we have there are as diverse as the people online. Some of those interactions are good, others not so much. Once in a great while, you connect with someone via our virtual world and know that the person you are connecting with is a truly good spirit. You come away from the experience truly grateful for all that the interaction has given you as a person.

The experiences collaborating between businesses can be the same. Once-in-a-great-while, you have a collaboration with people who you immediately know are truly good people. Josh, Susie, and the others at Fix8 are those people.

When my wife Colleen and I started off on our new and grand adventure, we explored website options and pretty quickly realized Squarespace was where we wanted to be. The sites looked beautiful and diverse and we loved the idea of user friendly site management for website newbies.

We knew, however, that we had some unique needs that we were going to need professional help to make happen. We looked into a number of website designers and Susie and Josh rose to the top very rapidly. Their Squarespace focus struck us as a strong positive. After their very prompt reply to our initial inquiry it was clear to us that working with Fix8 was where we wanted to be.

The result exceeded our expectations. Not only did we receive a great website, we were able to work with trusted partners in the very beginning of our venture. For both we are grateful!
— Ted Redmond

After seeing Fix8 Media’s work on my Austin-based aunt, artist Kerry Schroeder’s site, and hearing her rave reviews, I knew when it came time for my website there was no one with whom I’d rather work. As a first time business owner, Josh held my hand and led me, confidently, through what I otherwise imagined would be an overwhelming process.

Josh and I clicked from our first phone call; he immediately understood my vision and ultimately brought it to light. He listened to my ideas and with his own spot-on input created a seamless, clean website that allows my customers the ease and functionality exactly like I envisioned. All my questions were thoroughly answered. He worked consistently with timelines and kept me in the loop throughout the process. I appreciate that if he had any questions about what I had in mind, he never hesitated contacting me.

My website is everything I envisioned and more. The compliments just keep coming! I could not be more satisfied and I loved working with the talented powerhouse duo Josh & Susie. They are true professionals and excel at everything, while taking it in stride and making it look easy!

Thank you to all at Fix8 Media!!
— Elle Morrison

I loved working with Josh and am thrilled with my site! I had a vision but didn’t know how to create it and it wasn’t for lack of trying...I’d been struggling with Squarespace for ages.

Thankfully I gave up and looked for help. I feel like I won the lottery by finding Josh, who has a rare gift for melding artistry and functionality.

He’s a creative powerhouse, a good listener and a true pleasure to work with.

I highly recommend Josh and his awesome Fix8 team to anyone wanting a beautiful, top-notch website as well as a very enjoyable creative process along the way.
— Shoshana Beck

As an artist my business is a one-woman show. I wanted a simple and elegant website to highlight my work and also be easy for me to update and grow on my own. So many website designers and developers out there consider my needs as small potatoes and not cost-efficient for their companies. But, I found Fix8 Media, and I am so happy I did! It was great to see that they offered levels of packages, and their “Squarespace Starter Package” was perfect for me. Josh engaged with me personally from the beginning and treated me like a large client. The process was clean and easy and the communication was clear at every step. Josh and his team are professional and great to work with. I now have a site I love. It’s mobile-repsonsive, integrated into my social networks, and is seamlessly connected to Mailchimp for marketing outreach. I highly recommend Fix8 Media.
— Kerry Schroeder Contemporary Artist

I was introduced to Squarespace when I was looking to combine two of my homemade websites. I had asked a friend for help, and they pointed me towards Squarespace. I immediately went to their website and wow, I was blown away as to how clean and attractive the templates were. I started trying to build a website with them. That’s when I ran into the problem of time, time and knowledge I didn’t have.

I was so frustrated I e-mailed Squarespace and asked if they could recommend someone who builds websites using their templates. They made no recommendation so I called on my best web friend Google, and asked: “Website designers who use Squarespace”. A wonderful page appeared with several companies and websites they had created. They were all really nice, but the ones I was attracted to the most were the websites Fix8 Media designed. They just stood out and seemed to match my taste of the look I was wanting. I made a call to Josh Neimark on a weekend and strangely, he called me back. Long story short, it is the best money my company has spent. Fix8 Media gave me above the call of duty service. Being self employed, service is something I pay a lot of attention to. I now have an amazing looking website, but the journey to create the website was one of the most pleasant experiences I have had business wise. Josh, Susie and Charlie, are so personable and their like-ability is infectious.

Being an Animal Communicator and a Horse Whisperer, I am not an easy person to market, but the website staff at Fix8 Media, did a fantastic job. My website is illustriously oriented with beautiful photos and videos of my work.

I have not made an announcement to my clients yet, but the few people I have shown it to have all asked me who created my website and can they have Fix8 Media’s contact information. However, I’m a little hesitant to share the information because I like standing out above the crowd and my website does just that!

Thank you to all the staff at Fix8 Media. You all ROCK!
— Linda J Salinas

My experience with Josh Neimark and the Fix8 Media team has been PHENOMENAL! I seriously cannot compliment them enough for the excellent service they have provided. Our company is located several states away from Josh and his team, but communication has always been a breeze. Josh uses some great tools to make communicating remotely a very easy process.

The service of Fix8 Media is only surpassed by the quality of the product they deliver. We are 100% pleased with the website that Josh has designed for us. It is beautiful and we know that our clients and those considering our services will love the ease of use of the new website. I only wish that we had contacted Josh long before now to upgrade our website. Our company has been in business for 13 years and, during that time, I can honestly say that choosing Fix8 Media for our website re-design has been one of the smartest decisions we have EVER made. In case you cannot already tell that I have become a raving Fix8 Media fan, let me express my opinion in another way. On a scale of 1 to 10, Fix8 Media is definitely an 11! If you choose anyone else to design your website, you are making a mistake.
— Michelle Black Credit Expert and Junior Executive Director

I’m very glad to recommend Fix8 Media for their skill, attention to detail, and customer service for anyone needing a website designer.

My journey to replace my existing website began when I asked a friend for a recommendation of a good website host. From looking at current websites I just knew in my gut that the old site was terribly lacking, and I thought that with the new website engines it would be possible to do the work myself.
I checked out the two recommendations, and immediately liked the Squarespace platform. My wife convinced me to get further recommendations and talk to some designers, so I emailed Squarespace for their advice and they sent me a list of people who specialize in designing for their platform (actually, if you look closely at their own website the list is posted online).

Using that list I browsed every one of the designer’s websites and settled on two which seemed like good fits for what I had in mind. I emailed both of them and within a couple of hours heard back from Josh at Fix8, and we set up a time to talk on the phone about two days later. The other designer took 4-5 days to return my email, by which time I had already engaged Fix8. That’s right, I actually hired Josh at the end of the first phone call, I was so impressed with his ability and nice personality.

It might be right in theory, that I could have done all this, but not in practice. At this point, after the website has been online for a while, it is very easy and intuitive to maintain. However, building it would have been another matter. Fix8’s experience, guidance, and access to extra tools is far beyond what I am familiar with. In that respect, they actually probably saved me personal time. I also found their suggestions and guidance to be spot on, all the while being flexible and cheerful. I kind of hate using that word, but in this case it is exactly appropriate. They are cheerful.

So, I have no reservations about recommending Fix8 Media. They are capable, well organized, reasonably priced, and a pleasure to work with. What more could you ask for? And, I am still loving the Squarespace platform and very happy they host my website.
— Warren Marr

I’m a mystery/suspense writer, and when I sold The Magician’s Daughter to Poisoned Pen Press, I realized that a website would be a requirement for book promotion. I chose Squarespace because I knew immediately from their site that I’d find a template that matched my aesthetic and my needs. I wanted clean and minimalist. I needed accessible tools for managing the site. I don’t have the time or the desire to learn coding. Give me a great UI every time.

I looked for a Squarespace specialist to design and launch my site, and am now profoundly grateful that the first two I contacted flaked on me. When I first contacted Fix8 Media, I was a bit leery because of that prior experience. Leeriness dissolved with the first emails and phone conversation. I was met with warmth and professionalism. I simply can’t say enough good things about Josh Neimark and his team. They have a site for tracking your project. You know exactly where you (and they) are all the time. All email exchanges are kept on this site. There’s a link to billing, so you can always pull up your account and print out any and all receipts—extremely important for people like me who need those for tax purposes and who don’t remember to do it immediately at the time of making a payment. And the best part—there’s a site for viewing your website while it’s under construction. So even in-between site review phone calls, you can say you like this or don’t like that. I changed my mind about the banner font three times, and Josh didn’t blink.

Everyone is readily accessible. Emails never linger unanswered. And once your beautiful website is launched, you get trained in how to manage it—make changes, updates and additions. But, you’re not flying this trapeze without a net below. Josh is always there if you get stuck or need something new.

Thanks Fix8!

— Judith Janeway

I was struggling moving my old Squarespace 5 website to SS6 and simply ran out of time and patience. I realized I needed help. So I found Fix8 Media and Josh Neimark. From the very beginning, Josh handled my work as if I was a large client. He took the time to understand my business and brand. He took the time to review my old site and even did a bit of research on me and my background. Over the course of the project, Josh communicated freely and we collaborated together on the design. I was amazed at how well he established an effective remote working relationship. Josh is energetic, professional, communicative, and knowledgeable, but more important than all of that, he clearly cares about his work and you as a client. To say that I’m happy with my new site would be a gross understatement; I’m ecstatic! I would heartily recommend Josh and Fix8 Media to any of my colleagues. He’s that good.
— Bob Galen Agile Coach and Consultant -

Fix8 Media has been lived up to its name: Josh and his crew really do fixate on the projects they work on until they are not only good, but are excellent. Josh has been a pleasure to work with. He blends professional with personable seamlessly and is truly one of those guys you want to work with not only because of work ethic but because of his personality. The creative engineering invested in developing a website that flowed and lived up to Hatfield’s level of craftsmanship on our projects was not the most easy task; Josh patiently waited for our feedback while he created and invented pages to accurately depict who we are as a company. Already, in the first week after launching our new site, we saw an increase in leads coming in for our business and received multiple compliments! Josh worked with our own content writer and we loved that they just were able to jump into the project and mesh everything together so well! We’ll definitely be utilizing Josh’s services from here on out and appreciate everything he and his team have offered. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to create a Squarespace website that will be top-notch! Thanks Fix8 Media!!
— Melony Trementozzi, Hatfield Builders

Working with Fix8 was very productive. Josh has got a great business sense about him. He was able to convert our somewhat complex business model into an effective website that clearly gets our message across. Josh is on time, creative and has great communication skills.
— Chris Ginnane, CEO, Netpique

We contacted Josh while we were in a state of emergency with our website. Recognizing the lifeline and source of credibility that is one’s website in today’s market, he took on our project as if it were his own website he was rebuilding, and he made it better than before. His honesty, integrity, work ethic and commitment are a rare find indeed. Not only does he have an exceptional skill set, but he knows how to explain it in laymen’s terms so we’re not so baffled by the mystery that is the internet. He is committed to making us self-sufficient and he remains available to us for any number of computer savvy projects, and we are always happy to contact him. Once you’ve worked with Josh, you’ll wonder how your business ever survived without him!
— Steve Cabot, Chairman Cabot Institute for Labor Relations, Inc.

Josh is a rock star! Besides having an amazing eye for detail and creative marketing ideas, he is always available to assist with any issues that may arise. He will answer any question I have without making me feel silly and will keep working until he is satisfied with the results. Working with Josh is more than receiving the final product he is producing. It’s the whole journey of getting there that makes working with him such an enjoyable experience!!
— Heather Karbowsky, Michele Grace Photography

Working with Josh and the crew at Fix8 Media made the creation of our website a breeze. Not only did he listen to what we were looking for in a website, he delivered it promptly with creative ideas and a well-executed design
— Nancy Wunz, DVM -

It’s rare I recommend anyone without reservation, but Josh Neimark is at the top of my short list. I needed a website that was sophisticated, yet easy to navigate; clean, but packed with information. Josh worked with me to produce exactly what I wanted. His expertise, patience, attention to detail, and his outstanding customer service is unsurpassed. Frankly, I was dreading the entire process before I found Josh, who was recommended to me by another very satisfied client. Josh made building the website fun, stress-free, and educational. He also designed my logo, which I love. Five out of five stars!
— Jan Cullinane Retirement Author/Speaker/Consultant -