Squarespace Websites for Coaches

Sometimes in life, you need a mentor to help you along your path. Whether it’s a health and wellness practitioner to improve your lifestyle and eating habits, or a business advisor to guide your professional development, the coaching field is a great fit for Squarespace.

Often the business of sole proprietors, coaching is a profession that is inherent to wearing many hats. When you are your own accountant, marketer, PR person, and administrative assistant, adding web designer and developer is a bit overwhelming. Enter Squarespace and Fix8 Media!

Offering a number of integrated elements that enable you to manage and grow your business online, Squarespace offers commerce, marketing and communications, blogging, and much more. In addition to these ultra effective and efficient built-in platform options, Squarespace integrates seamlessly with a number of tools that can help your coaching business succeed. Coaches often find scheduling software integrations, such as Acquity and Vcita, extremely valuable. Chat systems, enabling direct interaction with clients visiting your site, are also popular. Zopim and Olark are two favorites among our clients. They integrate directly with Squarespace and are mobile optimized.

In addition to all of these wonderful options that make Squarespace uniquely suited for business coaches and wellness coaches, the platform is extremely intuitive. Following your site launch with Fix8 Media, we’ll train you to use the Squarespace tools to manage and update your website on your own—eliminating the often costly ongoing tech support associated with building a website for your business.

Take a peek below at some of our happy clients who provide a variety of coaching services.

Curious about having Fix8 Media build a Squarespace website for your coaching firm? Get in touch.