Squarespace Marta Template Websites

Businesses looking to sell products online will be drawn to the commerce-focused Squarespace Marta template. Grouped with the Squarespace commerce templates Brine, Clay, Thorne, Nueva, Mercer, and Hyde, the Squarespace Marta template has similar features.

From a customizable mobile display that enables you to control how your site displays on mobile devices to the ability to alter your site styling, spacing, and width—Squarespace Marta has built-in flexibility. Product zoom, a quick view option, and on-hover effects make shops more dynamic in this family of templates. Combine that with a super cool blog page that provides two layout options, and you’ve got a template new brands can use to take their businesses to new levels.

Check out some Fix8 Media clients who have selected the Squarespace Marta template:

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