Squarespace for Lux Living

Demi Gandomkar takes the guesswork out of your path to luxury living in Dallas. Metroplex doctors and medical professionals require homes that serve as a sanctuary and personal retreat. Her company, Metropluxury, helps Dallas medical professionals find just that and more, utilizing her extensive contact base, tireless negotiating skills, and true compassion for every client. Demi possesses a keen familiarity with the Dallas market, from new developments to pre-MLS inventory, and will put this knowledge to work for you. She also has prime lender relationships in place to make the process go smoothly once you’ve found your home. Her key skills and contacts are sure to open up every door for you – but most importantly, the one to your new home. 

So whether you are buying or selling, Demi is your go to. With easy to fill out forms, a built in home search app in the upper right hand corner of the site, as well as a full fledged blog and social handles, Demi’s expertise in the real estate market in Dallas goes unparalleled.

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I’d been toying with the idea of getting my own personal site for my real estate business, but always came up with an excuse. I was too busy, the cost, who would keep it updated—and by the time the thought was running through my head, the phone would ring and I’d have to be out the door for a client.

One of my clients who works for a builder mentioned if and when I was ready, she had the BEST firm. I was still hesitant. I think I shot an email a few weeks later and was contacted by Susie to set up an initial phone meeting with Josh.

On my first call with Josh, I was beyond impressed. I could tell he was passionate about what he did, experienced, intelligent, hard-working, and full of great ideas for my business. I think he barely asked if I wanted to go ahead and move forward by the end of the call and I didn’t hesitate one moment. This was the person who was going to do my site!

I cannot express how wonderful Josh and Susie are as people, as a team and as professionals. I looked forward to every call and video (he does videos!) and one thing he has as well, that others don’t, is that he’s so intuitive. The way my site began is nothing like it wound up and it’s all because he could read my reactions even over the phone. He’d listen to what he thought I wanted, he’d do it perfectly, then I’d ask, “Well what do you think?” and he’d just go fix something and make it even better than what I had in my head. Each time we reviewed it was better than the last.

Initially, I didn’t know a thing about Squarespace (having been referred directly to Fix8 Media), but Josh explained the benefits, most of which flew over my head...until I actually got into the Squarespace content management tools. I am completely in love with my Squarespace website and am grateful to Josh and Susie for making the entire experience so amazing!
— Demi G