Squarespace for Positive Global Change

With modern media saturated with violence and revolution, it’s refreshing to be working with a company that has a positive global message. At BLUEdot Register, they believe in the “immense power of individuals to make positive change in the world and lead lives of global integrity.” Moreover, they strive to inspire and empower by increasing awareness and engagement of major global issues.

Inspired by the great astrophysicist Carl Sagan, the folks at BLUEdot Register are constantly reminded of his profound impact on science and conservation. Sagan was quoted as saying (we are) “...a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.”  His words remind us how even though our planet may be small and lost among the billions of other galaxies, it is still our home  - our “pale blue dot”.   

It is that paradoxical love and fear for this wonderful planet earth that has spurred BLUEdot Register to create channels of environmental and social change. Their initiatives range from renewable energy, to carbon elimination and greenhouse gas capture and conversion.

We encourage you to look into becoming a Bluedot member, to receive helpful tips on reducing energy and saving money while reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, you’ll receive exclusive access to special discounts at thousands of national business sponsors across the US.

Knowledge is Power,


The internet is an amazing place. The interactions we have there are as diverse as the people on-line. Some of those interactions are good, others not so much. Once-in-a-great-while, you connect with someone via our virtual world and know that the person you are connecting with is a truly good spirit. You come away from the experience truly grateful for all that the interaction has given you as a person.

The experiences collaborating between businesses can be the same. Once-in-a-great-while, you have a collaboration with people who you immediately know are truly good people. Josh, Susie, and the others at Fix8 are those people.

When my wife Colleen and I started off on our new and grand adventure, we explored website options and pretty quickly realized Squarespace was where we wanted to be. The sites looked beautiful and diverse and we loved the idea of user friendly site management for website newbies.

We knew, however, that we had some unique needs that we were going to need professional help to make happen. We looked into a number of website designers and Susie and Josh rose to the top very rapidly. Their Squarespace focus struck us as a strong positive. After their very prompt reply to our initial inquiry it was clear to us that working with Fix8 was where we wanted to be.

The result exceeded our expectations. Not only did we receive a great website, we were able to work with trusted partners in the very beginning of our venture. For both we are grateful!
— Ted Redmond