Squarespace for Custom Contracting

Out in Jackson, Wyoming, there aren’t a whole lot of construction companies that cover the breadth of work that New West Building Company does. With specialization in general contracting, construction management, and entitlement and proforma analysis across multiple industry sectors, they’re perfect for those who put quality, service, and integrity above all else.

They’ve built over thirty-five homes to date, and have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading architects and engineers in the western United States. They appreciate architecture and design just as much as they appreciate the materials and craftsmanship needed to get the job done. Their process is clearly defined from the onset of each project, and they take every opportunity to measure the effectiveness along the way – from pre construction, cost estimating, scheduling, material research, regular budget updates and more. And did we mention that their homes are absolutely stunning?

After checking out their new Squarespace website, you’ll see what we mean.

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