Squarespace goes to College


Searching for the right college is far from how most high school juniors and seniors would define ‘fun’. It’s a painstakingly difficult process that involves research, campus visits, and making sure that programs are tailored to individual interests. With the rise of social media, we’re able to learn more in a few clicks than we could ever have imagined – but there’s still stress associated with the process.

That’s why companies like College MatchPoint exist – to alleviate the stress, and help your student be the best he or she can be. The company was founded by Lisa Bain Carlton, who has 25 years of experience in education – from counseling and consultation to career development. Since it’s start in 2009, College MatchPoint has placed over 100 students in colleges across the United States – both public and private. Their process is different than other college placement companies out there. They work with you in a fun and personal way – by using milestones and check lists to keep clients on track. They want to be sure that the college that is chosen is chosen for the right reasons, and is in line with career interests, hobbies, and geographic location. Once final lists are compiled, they help with essay writing, editing, and narrowing down the final decision.

We’re keeping College MatchPoint in mind for people we know applying to schools, and we think you should too! Oh, and their new Squarespace site isn’t too shabby – go poke around and see for yourself!

The more you know,