Squarespace for Grapes

Over the past year at Fix8 Media, we’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with a variety of different vineyards out in California, looking to revamp their online presence with Squarespace. Coastview Vineyard is no exception, and their site’s imagery immediately transports you to their breathtaking location out in the Gabilan Mountains in Salinas Valley. And their wines? Well, judge for yourself! Their directive was to create a wine label that spoke to adventure and the idea of hidden treasure, in a Jules Verne style of thinking. Each label references a journey or traveler and speaks to the uniqueness not only of the wine but the vineyard where it was grown. The warm days and cool nights allow for long hang times that result in perfect conditions for ripe fruit flavors and elegant acidity.

Their site not only allows you access to purchase their complex varieties, but also takes you on a journey of the philosophy behind their winemaking. Gorgeous photos fill the galleries, and will undoubtedly leave you staring at the clock, waiting for 5pm to hit.

Were excited for what’s next for these guys, and can’t wait to watch their growth!