Squarespace Abides

With whimsical delight, we learned this week of Jeff Bridges’ latest creative effort – utilizing Squarespace as a vehicle to house his new album – Dreaming with Jeff. This album is filled with relaxing sounds, noises, and other effects to help lull the listener to sleep.  Though the album is ‘pay what you like’, 100% of the proceeds that are raised will be donated to No Kid Hungry – helping to end child hunger in America. It’ll also be the second year in a row that Squarespace has been in the Super Bowl, featuring Bridges and the idea behind his new album during the first half of the big game. 

But this is bigger than just simply ‘His Dudeness’ launching a site and raising money for a good cause. Their campaign, instead of being built around a traditional ad (as most you’ll see in this weekend’s big game do) has been built around a real idea. Squarespace once again has hammered home one of their most important principles: that any idea, no matter what niche it appeals to, can be presented in a beautiful way using one of their many templates and customizable tools. In a day and age where ideas can come from virtually any niche, Squarespace is pioneering the future of branded web content.

So hats off to you, Squarespace, for staying true to your values, and for inspiring the little guys everywhere with an arsenal of budget-friendly tools to help ideas live.