Squarespace for Daily Acts of Kindness

Do More 4 Good: It’s all in the name. This nonprofit’s mission is to encourage young people to perform daily acts of kindness and service in their communities so these actions become routine. Working with high schools and local nonprofits, Do More 4 Good sets up programs that match students with volunteer opportunities. Students earn rewards for their service while inspiring others in the community to Do More 4 Good. The goal is a domino effect of kindness that will ultimately make the world we live in a better place.

Do More 4 Good shares its mission and methods on its new Squarespace site, where you can read all about the nonprofit and its founder, philanthropist Anthony Melikhov. His philosophy—that one small act of kindness, charity, awareness, or love can change the world—is the foundation of this effort. After spending a year in the jungles of Panama, Melikhov emerged with a new focus toward positivity as a source for overall wellbeing. He lives by the principle that if his resources are used for promoting everyday kindness, the positivity will come back to him infinitely.

Through its new Squarespace presence, Do More 4 Good endeavors to connect with local high schools across the US to implement its program, as well as spread the word about and raise funds for its efforts. The Squarespace Donation Block is an ideal tool for the nonprofit to collect donations directly through its website—just one of the reasons why Squarespace is such an excellent choice for any nonprofit looking to build a cost-effective and easy to manage website.

Isn’t it nice to see Squarespace being used for something so purely positive?

Paying it forward,

Fix8 Media