Squarespace for Event Photography

Vivienne Vonne Gonce lives for capturing those special moments – you know, the ones that make you stop in your tracks and evaluate the world around you. Specializing in wedding and event photography, she covers all sorts of ground – from engagement photo sessions, to the wedding itself and everything in between.

Home-based in Charlottesville, Virginia, she carries her camera everywhere she goes. If there’s a way for her to capture emotion through her lens, consider the shot snapped. She didn’t start off doing photo sessions with couples though. She cut her teeth taking pictures of chromosomes. From there, she gravitated over to fine art, until one day a friend of hers asked her to take a photo session of a friend's engagement. Well, that couple loved her work so much, that they asked her to shoot the wedding - and the rest is history.

Check out some of her beautiful prints over at vvgphoto.com, and make sure to let her know that Josh sent you!

With love,


As a new photographer, it was important to me to have an easy to navigate website where potential clients could look at my work with little effort, connect with me if they needed to, and allow me to load images in a way that would ensure they look their best...all without spending a fortune.

After searching and researching different website building companies, and trying 3 different platforms, I settled on Squarespace as the ideal choice. However, my knowledge regarding building websites is negligible and I knew I would need some help. Enter Fix8 Media - Josh and his team are AMAZING!

I sent an inquiry and got a response within a day. We set up a phone call, and we talked so he could get an idea of what exactly I was looking for. I had definite ideas about some things, and no clue about others, and I told him that upfront. He said, “Don’t worry, we can help.” Truthfully, I sent out 6 inquiries, and I heard back from 3. Once I spoke with Josh at Fix8 Media, I knew they were the right firm for me. I needed a team who would give me a checklist of things to accomplish from start to finish, and they do that! They are prompt with responding, usually within the same day, and work diligently to methodically go through their unique process and complete each step with you. There was a lot of dialogue, and I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on.

I chose to begin with their Squarespace Starter Package, and it was perfect to get me going. I simply could not be any happier with the results! The Fix8 team is prompt, and boy do they know Squarespace inside and out. In addition, they complete a full training session with you once your site launches, and they will not desert you once your site is completed.
— Arnel Gonce