Squarespace for Public Speaking

The folks at Lumos understand that societal growth squarely depends on good verbal communication. In a day and age overridden by technology, it’s a wonder the art of public speaking hasn’t been lost forever. More often than not, we feel ill equipped to communicate in front of a crowd.  That’s where Graeme and Allison come in- they provide their students with the confidence and courage they need to voice their beliefs and opinions and truly succeed. They set out to give their students an arsenal of tools– from conveying information in engaging ways, presenting arguments, to communicating with authority figures through repetition and individual coaching.

With three distinct programs to choose from – Lumos Lightning, Lumos Focus, and Lumos Flash, they provide flexible scheduling options with everything from summer programs, night workshops, and Sunday classes. So there’s really no excuse if you’re in the Boston area and in need of some communicative fine-tuning.

Loud and clear,


Squarespace is an impressive platform, but no one is more impressive than the team at Fix8 Media. I contacted Josh and team with an idea, and in less than two months that idea was turned into a business.

Josh is responsive, kind, and committed. He will drop everything to help his clients, and he works for far less than what he deserves. The price you pay for Josh, in my mind, is the equivalent of the $40,000 you would pay for someone to do what he does at the enterprise level, and I would even argue the quality he delivers is higher.

He is an expert designer, a color schematic guru, and a Squarespace visionary, but above all, he is a really great guy. It is easy to be skeptical working with someone you have never met, but after speaking to Josh for five minutes that skepticism is alleviated.

I recommend Josh and Fix8 Media to any individual and any business looking to take their career, passion, or hobby to the next level. There is no one better.
— Graeme Blackman President & Co-Founder Lumos, LLC