Squarespace for Digital Payments

In today’s digital age, things are always changing. We live in a world with constant information flowing at every corner, and with it, there’s the need to make online payments streamlined, safe, and secure.

Datacap Systems has developed a set of integrations that essentially provides your point of sale solution with the ability to support all payment processors without any sort of ongoing development. These interfaces from are used by hundreds of POS providers across a variety of platforms, and give companies as small as startups to established POS providers the tools necessary to improve on payment functionality. Their integrations work on mobile, pc, imbedded, and cloud based-POS solutions, and come with cutting edge developer support

Their site has all sorts of resources to help educate the user on best practices. Even download their software directly from their new Squarespace site!

Raising the efficiency bar, one site at a time,