Squarespace for Syndication

Litton.TV is driven to innovate. They’re a leading producer and distributor of award-winning content that entertains and inspires hundreds of millions each and every day.  With studios and personnel throughout the United States, Litton is uniquely positioned to create and leverage programming across multiple platforms.

So what kind of stuff are they producing? Well, 600+ hours of Emmy Award-Winning programming on leading broadcast networks including ABC, CBS  and The CW to name a few. Litton syndicates a variety of entertainment and news programs to over 1000 television stations in the United States, and the company’s diverse portfolio of programs air in 97 countries worldwide.

Another fun fact: Litton is the first producer in the US to include “audio description” in all of its network programs. This vital service gives viewers with disabilities additional audio content to ensure they fully appreciate each show’s content. And if all of that wasn’t enough, Litton has also developed a news source aimed to supply viewers with relevant information to improve their lives and ensure safety. Stations dedicate a considerable amount of time to consumer news and information, and these series are highly successful because of their timely, relatable content.

We’re happy to have Litton a part of our roster, and are extremely proud of their new branded Squarespace website!