Squarespace for the Good Life

It’s what we all want: to live a Happy Healthy Life. Many are constantly searching for ways to improve their health and live more fulfilling lives, sometimes seeking alternatives to Western medicine to get them there. Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Herbalist Stephanie McClelen was one of those people—and she turned her experience facing significant health challenges into a business focused on helping others. Using “Inspired Medicine,” Stephanie partners with her patients on a healing journey that encompasses body and mind.

Stephanie turned to the Fix8 Media team to transform her vision for Happy Healthy Life into a fluid and informative Squarespace experience—from content creation to website design. Fix8 Media content creator Tina Snyder worked directly with Stephanie to write and edit the content for her Squarespace site, ensuring clear, keyword-rich copy that is essential for SEO.

Incorporating calming iStock images into the Hayden Squarespace template, the Fix8 Media team of Squarespace specialists designed a well-balanced site with high functionality. By integrating Acuity, a third-party scheduling software, into the Squarespace platform, Fix8 enabled visitors to Happy Healthy Life to schedule appointments in real time that automatically sync with Stephanie’s personal Google calendar. Talk about yin and yang!

In addition to receiving The Full Monty Squarespace experience, Stephanie called upon Fix8 Media graphic designer Paul Roesch to design all the print collateral she needed for her business: letterhead, business cards, prescription pads, referral pads, and branding stickers.

The result: a consistent and cohesive presentation of all Happy Healthy Life has to offer to its clients—both online and in print. Inspired Squarespace-centric design and marketing for “Inspired Medicine.”

Be well,