Squarespace for a Sanitized Work Environment

Cyaneco offers comprehensive solutions for safe, clean, sanitized workplace operations. From drain flow to odor problems in buildings and facilities, to improving efficiency, sustainability and safety in the food service, healthcare, transportation, and retail sectors. They focus on prevention so you'll have fewer problems and so you’ll never have to experience expensive plumbing emergencies again. Additionally, pre-treatment solutions can be developed to help reduce surcharges you may face from the water authorities. Did we also mention that they donate 5% of sales to water.org?

Check it out their new Squarespace site and get info on the products they feature, material safety data sheets, and more.

Keeping you squeaky clean,


I wanted to establish my brand with a strong web presence that would stand out from my competition, including many high-budget websites. Fix8 Media got that. They took the challenge of creating the Cyaneco brand (and my constant demands, ideas, changes, and more demands) and delivered truly stunning work.

From the Cyaneco logo to brochures to the Squarespace website itself—Fix8 Media excelled and delivered. We now have a beautiful Squarespace site that enables us to manage every aspect of our business in a stylish and professional portal for our customers. We’re most pleased.
— Dain B