Build A Photo Library for Your Squarespace Website

Building or updating your Squarespace website but don’t know where to turn for art? The answer could be in your pocket!

Advances in technology make it possible today for anyone to capture some pretty crisp, clear, high-quality photos—all with a smartphone! Case in point: Fix8 Media fearless leader and Squarespace Specialist Josh Neimark recently visited his hometown and took some slick photos with—you guessed it—his trusty iPhone. The Chicago skyline, Wrigley Field, and the iconic Kingston Mines Blues Club provided ample inspiration for Josh’s stunning shots—all of which you can view below.

For any Squarespace website, business or personal, intriguing images are a must. So don’t be afraid to snap a few photos with your smartphone when the spirit moves you. Build a library of images of things that inspire you, places you visit, and anything relevant to your products or services. You’ll find you can pull from this resource when you are designing or redesigning your Squarespace site, writing your blog, or posting on social media.

And don’t forget: Squarespace recently added a full gallery of Getty images available for purchase and use on your Squarespace website.  So either way, we’ve got you covered.