How Words Can Impact Your Squarespace Website Design

The first thing you think about when you are planning your new Squarespace website—or a redesign of your current site—probably isn’t words. Most of us get caught up in images and graphics, failing to realize how truly impactful words are to our businesses.

If you are building a new Squarespace website or freshening up an existing website, here’s a fun and informative exercise you can try: Build a list of power words. (Don’t confuse this with key search terms people will use to find your site: That’s another exercise.) Gather together your team—or grab a cup of coffee if you’re a one-person show—and brainstorm the top 10 or 15 words that most accurately convey your company’s brand and core values. Think of it as a deconstructed mission statement. What are the most critical words you use to describe your company’s products, services, and core values? How do you want to be perceived as a brand? Once you have a list of words, organize them in order of priority.

When you complete this exercise, you’ll not only have a snapshot of your company in one glance—but you’ll have an excellent platform from which to launch into a discussion about your Squarespace website!

Our Squarespace Specialists are adept at turning your vision for your business into a beautiful and effective Squarespace website. By doing this exercise, you not only help us better understand your vision, but you create a powerful snapshot of your core values—all in words!