New Squarespace Commerce Checkout Page and Customers Tool

Squarespace recently updated its Commerce checkout page, adding new options for customization. Some of the highlights of this update include:

• the option to set a default country for shipping and billing addresses

• the ability for your customers to use the same address for billing and shipping

• a field for phone number collection that enables you to follow up with your customers

In addition, the release of a new Customers tool for Squarespace commerce users with basic and advanced Online Store plans provides deeper insight into your client base. Using the Customers tool, you can:

• sort your customers by various factors, including number of orders and total spent

• get insights about customers, such as order history, average order, etc.

• tag and make notes about your customers

Streamline your sales process with Squarespace’s new and improved Commerce features. Contact us today if you need a hand with your Squarespace site! 

SquarespaceJosh Neimark