Fix8 Announces Second Annual Free Squarespace Website Winner!

In the spirit of gratitude that we celebrate on Thanksgiving day, Fix8 Media is thrilled to announce the winner of our second annual Squarespace website giveaway: author Christina Olds of Sacramento, California.

Olds is the daughter of the late great Robin Olds, American war hero and legendary fighter pilot/leader. In 2010, Christina Olds published a memoir of her father’s life titled Fighter Pilot; The Memoirs of a Legendary Ace Robin Olds. The book became a national bestseller, and Olds is currently working on the screenplay for a documentary on the WWII portion of her father’s career, as well as writing her military aviator grandfather’s biography.

“Robin’s legendary leadership principles are those which should be emulated by leaders in all levels of military, corporate, business, and community leadership structures today,” Christina says of her father. “Beyond his risk-taking bravery, intellectual depth, and renegade questioning of authority, lies the heart of a lion devoted to his fellow pilots and all who served with him. The sheer humanity of the man is why pilots who flew with him have said they would ‘follow Robin Olds into hell and back.’ I am continually moved by how my father’s legacy inspires today’s active duty pilots. It is my mission to keep him flying on their wing.”

With Fix8 Media’s help, Christina will continue to do just that, spreading her father’s legacy beyond borders via a powerful, moving Squarespace website.  

“For years now, I've wanted to create a website that is one reliable source for all information about Robin Olds, accessible by all,” Christina adds. “I’ve known that having a website would be my portal to the world, and I spent three years comparing every web-building platform out there. While friends kept trying to point me to WordPress, I always came back to Squarespace as my own choice. Words cannot express my gratitude to Fix8 Media for choosing my website as its annual pro-bono project.”

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Peace and love,

The Fix8 Media Team

About Robin Olds

Robin Olds is the classic, larger-than-life American war hero. Starting out as an All-American football player at West Point, he flew P-38s and P-51s in WWII, where he became the first ace of his group and squadron commander at age 22. He flew P-80s on USA’s first jet demo team, married a Hollywood movie star, and became famous while commanding the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing during the Vietnam conflict, followed by four years as Commandant of the Air Force Academy. His Vietnam mustache became so famous that it has its own Wikipedia page More importantly, the legend of Robin Olds as the quintessential fighter pilot/leader is inspiring current military pilots of all services and nations around the world. 

Josh Neimark