Is Squarespace a Good Choice for Nonprofit Websites?

Key Reasons Why Squarespace Is Great for Nonprofits

At Fix8 Media, we work with clients in all industries and disciplines—from entrepreneurs to authors to doctors and more. But one group of organizations from which we have seen a steady increase in interest is the nonprofit sector. In the interview that follows, Fix8 Media’s creative director and lead Squarespace designer, Josh Neimark, discusses why Squarespace is an ideal choice for nonprofits.

What’s the biggest reason you think Squarespace is an exceptional choice for nonprofits?

Nonprofits are always working within budgets, and the people running these organizations are wearing many hats. Squarespace has an incredibly intuitive user interface and the content management tools are easy to use. Nonprofits who have websites built in Squarespace benefit from the ease of updating and maintaining the sites on their own—preventing from costly tech support. They are able to immediately take advantage of the tools and see instant ROI from the sites. Not to mention Squarespace templates can help nonprofits to look current and relevant with regard to aesthetics and functionality, making an immediate good first impression.

What is it about Squarespace vs. other platforms that you feel is beneficial to nonprofits?

Squarespace is a software as a service (SaaS) company. In my previous career, I spent 10 years building traditional hosted websites, which of course was met with hosting needs, support needs, and ongoing general maintenance needs. Our premise has always been to focus on taking nonprofits to market. Squarespace being a SaaS model makes it turnkey, including hosting, full support, updates, and the reduced need for additional costs, resources, or experience to keep a nonprofit website in tip top shape. The platform is mobile responsive and SEO friendly while offering 24/7 support and inline analytics.

How can Squarespace help nonprofits with fundraising efforts?

Critical to the core of any nonprofit is grants and donations. Not only does Squarespace have a built-in commerce functionality, but also a donation functionality that allows visitors to keep the user within their site and experience throughout the whole donation process. Also, with a bit of coding, donation communications and receipts can be customized to further enhance marketing strategies. Last, while the commerce functionality in Squarespace has always been tied to as a processor, Squarespace recently made PayPal also available—a big plus for those who prefer PayPal as a payment method.

Is Squarespace conducive to integrating other tools that nonprofits might use?

All nonprofits that approach us come with different needs. In most cases, our Squarespace design and development team can integrate other donation or management tools, such as Network4Good, for example. Such integrations facilitate donations and fundraising, which are a core component of nonprofit website functionality.

At Fix8 Media, we get great satisfaction from building robust, easy to maintain websites for our nonprofit clients. We enjoy working with these organizations to help them spread their messages and ensure that they are putting forth the most compelling, effective story of their mission.

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Josh Neimark