Squarespace for IT Services

squarespace mojave template website example

Land on the new Squarespace site for Ninja Fly, The IT Guy, and fasten your seatbelts! The crazy cool motion video background is wild! Nothing subtle here—just a bold, in your face, fun presentation of all this tech guru has to offer!

But as exciting and modern as the website feels, clarity of messaging is not lost in the aesthetic. Built in the Mojave template, the new Squarespace site showcases the parallax scroll for an immersive home page experience. Services are very clearly bucketed with funky icons to direct you where you need to go, while additional background information and bulleted options are listed down below.

Our Squarespace design and development team would rank this up with some of our most fun projects—going for shock value and grabbing you with color, while simultaneously packaging the information in an intuitive, logical way that makes sense to the user. The pricing charts that anchor the home page are an example of the delicate balance we achieve between wow factor and ease of use.

Get techy with it,

Fix8 Media