Squarespace for Mom’s Cooking

Looking at Mom Made’s new Squarespace website, it’s hard to imagine this nationwide brand started with a table at a farmer’s market. Like many working moms, owner Heather Stouffer (a.k.a., “Mom”) found herself struggling to prepare healthy dinners for her children after long days at the office. Her options were largely limited to unhealthy quick answers at mealtime that left her longing for a better solution.

Enter Mom Made: Organic, easy, frozen meals and bites for busy moms on the go. And the best thing, Stouffer says, is that kids really like them!

With the primary goal of getting visitors to the site to find a local store that carries Mom Made products, Fix8 Media set out to develop a robust Squarespace website for the brand. Given the need to appeal to busy moms everywhere, the Squarespace site had to be extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Squarespace’s integration with the Prolo Store Locator enabled us to build this functionality seamlessly into the site—enabling moms across the U.S. to quickly and easily find the products in a freezer aisle near them!

In addition, the use of video, blog, and recipes provide multiple points of engagement for moms and others interested in learning more about healthy eating options in today’s fast-paced world.

Everyone knows there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal from Mom’s kitchen. Stouffer and the team at Mom Made aspire to be the next best thing—and their new Squarespace site is helping them spread the word, one mom at a time!

Don’t talk with your mouth full,

Fix8 Media