Squarespace for Vacation Rentals

Designed for those who love architecture, PlansMatter is the brainchild of two architects who are obsessed with good design. So you can imagine the feat of crafting a Squarespace site that met their high expectations. But flexing a little Squarespace muscle, we made it happen—and the result is both highly functional and aesthetically stunning.

Visitors to PlansMatter.com are invited to peruse a number of curated vacation rentals. Guests who value exceptional design can find and connect with hosts who have invested in extraordinary architecture. Using the Squarespace tools, we created an experience for each rental property, including full-width images, beautiful galleries, and a fun and different presentation of features. 

In addition, the PlansMatter site features a custom integration of Checkfront with Squarespace, which enables users to check the availability of a property and book their reservation online. From start to finish, the PlansMatter Squarespace site is a total solution for those looking to vacation in architectural style.

Enjoy your stay,

Fix8 Media