Squarespace Introduces Advanced Analytics for Commerce

We’ve always loved how easy Squarespace makes it to analyze the sales and traffic data on your site. Well, all you eCommerce businesses out there just got even luckier: With the beefed up analytics Squarespace recently introduced, you’ll be even more in the know about the when, where, and how behind your website traffic and sales!

New features of Squarespace Advanced Analytics for Commerce include:

  • A dashboard focused on seven KPIs, such as revenue, units sold, conversion rate, and more.
  • Traffic source identification, showing which websites, social networks, and other channels are driving people to your site.
  • A sales funnel that gives you a better look at how many visits result in purchases, from which pages customers leave, and more.
  • An abandoned checkout feature that tracks how often customers leave without making a purchase.

Watch a super helpful video to learn more about putting the new Squarespace Commerce Analytics to work for your business: