Squarespace for Churches

Squarespace websites help countless individuals and businesses to spread the word. But did you know that churches and religious organizations also rely on the robust Squarespace platform to spread the good news?

McDonough Road Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia, recently approached Fix8 Media to redesign its website to better serve the needs of the congregation. Executed in the Mercer template, the new Squarespace site is incredibly functional in its ability to meet all of the church’s needs. From general information to downloadable audio files of recorded sermons to an interactive calendar of events, the new Squarespace site flexes to fit the requirements of this active organization.

A link out to e-giving enables the church to maintain its donation program while updating the look, feel, and performance of its site using Squarespace’s continuously evolving toolset. Rounded out by a blog for sharing news, events, stories, and more, the new McDonough Road Baptist Church Squarespace website was the perfect online link between the church and current and potential members.

Bringing people together,

The Fix8 Media Team